MLB World Series


Congrats to the Boston Red Sox for the 4 game sweep of the anemic Colorado Rockies.


red-sox-rockies-hoboken.jpgNow that the American League Championship has been decided (with another comeback series for Boston), we’ve finally arrived at the matchups for the Fall Classic.

I know there are many Boston fans in the area. How do you think they’ll hold up against the well-rested Colorado Rockies?

Updated World Series Poll to the left. Who will win?



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ron mexico
ron mexico

Glad its over, now only if the Yankees can sign a manager and A Rod land somewhere so local sports media can stop covering MLB and focus on what is important – The New York Football Giants..


The World Series happened already? Huh.


Look for a reduced number of “Got Rings?” shirts next year. Especially once the Sox fans start sporting “Got new rings?” shirts.

Future headline: A-Rod to Cubs. Short of winning in NY and having his mug out by the monuments, what other permanent legacies are out there for they guy who will own all the stat records?

2008 marks 100 years without a World Series champion in Chicago. They already named a street after Ditka. They’ll rename the airport for A-Rod if he brings a championship to Wrigley.

And who knows how many HRs he can hit in a park with 372′ and 368′ power-alleys.


As it’s deserved, I have to offer congrats to the Red Sox.


I agree with you totally.

A real fan, someone who lives and bleeds with their team, is cool by me.

And by 2004, I had been living and dying with the sox since 1967, so my wardrobe is deep varied, and in some cases archaic.

Were you around for Horace Clarke, Roy White and Danny Cater?
If so, the you have also drank from the well of despair.

Enjoy the good times while they last, it is no ones divine right to WIN, so when you do enjoy it, when you don’t, well there is always next century!