Drive the PATH train yourself!

PATH train simulator lets you be the conductor!

Did you ever wonder what it’s like to drive the PATH train? Even more now since the PATH station was on everyone’s mind since Hurricane Sandy knocked it out of commission for almost two months?

Well then just buy the “World of Subways Volume 1,” which is a German software simulator that lets you pilot the train yourself. It’s available for Windows-based computers.

Here the conductor drives home from 33rd Street to Hoboken. (No one was pushed in front of the train during this simulation):

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They also don’t show the old 18th/19th Street station in between 23rd and 14th :^( I was hoping to see that in this.

You can see it in real life about 20 seconds after you leave 23rd Street. It houses ventilation equipment these days.


PA-4s are the old ones. They’re using PA-5s now.