Changing PSE&G worth the hassle?

Is switching power bills worth the hassle in Hoboken?

Power companies in NJ - Changing PSE&G worth the hassle?Now that the NJ has changed how power bills and supplies are “regulated,” it seems to have created a very confusing situation for customers.

I often get ads like this in the mail – that show up to 25% savings on the monthly bill by switching from PSE&G to companies like North American Power.

That of course is the “big print.” If you take a look at the “fine print,” which I blew up for you so you can actually read it, you’ll see that you have NO guarantee that prices will be that low – in fact, your bill might even become more costly!

Who would want to enter into an agreement like this, which might only complicate your life and suck more money out of your wallet?

Note: some consumers have reported “rate scams.”

Has anyone done this with positive results?

North American Power and PSEG Hoboken NJ - Changing PSE&G worth the hassle?

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