Parking Robbery in Hoboken

Hoboken takes money from unsuspecting drivers during holidays

As we mentioned here on Hoboken411 a few weeks ago, the Hoboken City Council passed a resolution that provided free parking at all muni-meters through January 1st.

However, as you can see below – many unsuspecting drivers still put money into the thieving parking robots. I find this problematic.

  1. The city did NOT put signs on the meters indicating that meter parking was free. They did have some signs, which said “free parking in city garages if you spend $20 at a local business,” but nothing about free meter parking.
  2. How much money did the city collect from parking meters from 12/20/2012 through today? That money should be RETURNED to anyone that paid. Anything left over should be returned to property taxpayers or something similar, like giving out free parking passes on a first-come first-serve basis.
  3. If these parking meters are so “smart,” why isn’t there a way to remotely turn them off – or display a message – “FREE?” Just like how they’re susceptible to a little water (and put taxpayers on the hook for an additional cool quarter-million), these progressive pieces of junk technology are proving to be quite a pain in the neck.

I helped as many people as I could by advising them of the free parking – but after a while, you can only do so much as one person.

It’s obvious the city made no honest effort to prevent these poor drivers from having to deal with those annoying meters, and someone at city hall should be held responsible.

Have a nice 2013!

Hoboken steals from drivers free parking - Parking Robbery in Hoboken

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013 7:01 pm

How about the actual thievery going on in Hoboken? When is that going to be addressed by the city and the so-called police?

Reply to  homeworld
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 10:06 pm

Thievery happening on both sides of the fence. Get used to it! Each man for himself![quote comment=”218931″]How about the actual thievery going on in Hoboken? When is that going to be addressed by the city and the so-called police?[/quote]

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