New Year’s Resolutions or life-changes?

Stop failing: Make life changes instead of annual “resolutions”

You know you made the perfect set of resolutions last year, when you don’t have to add or remove anything! Annually, people use the “excuse” of the new calendar year to look back at their mistakes, and vow to start with a fresh, clean slate. As if the new year provides “forgiveness” in some strange way.

There are many problems with compartmentalizing a single year, and pretending that you in fact, have a “clean” slate of anything. The problems you encounter, and the mistakes you make will always be on your track record – and you really shouldn’t wait till the end of the year to tackle them, but instead be aware of them on a constant basis.

And how many “resolutions” that are made collectively each year fail? Almost ALL of them? Why? Because they’re set up too strictly? Or unrealistically?

2015 New Years Resolutions

8 life changes to consider for 2015 and beyond in Hoboken NJ

Below are 8 suggestions to improve your life not only in the upcoming year – but for the rest of your life.

They’re based on real-world experience, and are merely examples of how they’ve positively influenced one person. Take what you want from it. And while influence and education comes in many shapes and forms, for any change or positive direction to truly “stick,” it has to come from within.

Do you think you have what it takes to “wake up,” and get in tune with a better world and be a better person?

Invest in yourself and your family

Number 8 Icon Hoboken NJNot sure about any of you – but we have astonishingly become overwhelmed with charity.

Every direction you look, there is some kind of “noble” cause out there asking for money, help or your time.

Does anyone think about it for more than two seconds?

Charles MacKay Herds Quote

Like it has practically become fashionable to be part of some mysterious organization, a cause, a religious cult, environmental situation, or pathetic minority group.

Due to social networking, constant media propaganda, and a “herd mentality,” you almost get cast as a villain if you don’t participate in what the rest of the sheeple are mindlessly doing without any critical thinking or understanding the whole sick structure of what is going on behind the scenes.

And as people get sucked into the latest and greatest “cause,” one thing is being left behind: You, your family and your close friends.

Take a look at this video from to get what I’m talking about.

411 Take: By focusing on what is directly important in your life – and not worrying about everyone else, you will make the world a better place. However, we need more people on this thought process to see a real difference.

Does that make you feel uncomfortable?

Read more, learn history!

Number 7 Icon Hoboken NJRather than hearing about the latest suspicious tragedy that happens in our country – and the almost immediate political chatter that takes place afterward (i.e., gun control) – why not read more about the history of our country and the world?

Reading is a lost art these days. Most people want nuggetized information hand-fed to them in less that 15 seconds. And I’d go as far as to say that it’s rare that anyone wants to understand their “roots.”

Once you arm yourself with the truth, it makes understanding the world around you that much easier.

But if you accept what is being spewed out in our political system and most of mainstream media – well… you almost get what you deserve.

411 Take: Once you start uncovering much of our history, and how current media is “revisionist” when it comes to explaining it – you realize how much you’re not being told. Like they want you to forget…

“Working out” is not worth your time

Number 6 Icon Hoboken NJHonestly – if you’re not a professional athlete or model who is paid for how you look or how you perform, “working out” at a gym or in a class is most likely doing you more harm than good.

OK, so you’re an average Joe Shmoe with a regular job. You’re going to voluntarily subject your body to pounding stress on your joints, mindless repetitions of painful racks of weights? For what? Some short term ego boost?

With the exception of a very small minority, “working out” will only translate into dreadful pain later in life.

Working out is useless in Hoboken NJ

Joint problems, debilitating limitations and pain will be a daily norm if you just abuse your body in your youth. If you really want to “get strong,” why not work on real things that require effort and strength? Like building things, using your hands, farming, gardening, etc.?

Even stuff like parking in the furthest spot in the mall would work. Or taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work also benefits you.

But somehow, the mass-marketing of “fitness” and being in shape doesn’t stop people from being lazy (ordering delivery instead of walking), impatient (taking a cab instead of walking), and spoiled (you can have everything without an ounce of effort – so why not lift meaningless objects over and over to get some muscles!)

411 Take: I’ve lost 70lbs without lifting a weight at the gym. I have more energy, and am as fit as can be. Do I look like a professional sports figure or fashion model? Not quite, but why would I want to? I’m NOT!

What about self-preservation, personal awareness?

Number 5 Icon Hoboken NJWhen you make your way from point to point in this world – common sense would dictate that you take care of yourself and protect your well-being, right?

What I’m seeing more and more is the utter LACK of self-preservation in the populous each day that goes by.

More people on their cell phones, more people disconnected with headphones, and more folks that just aren’t aware of the obvious dangers around them.

Look at all the pedestrians struck by cars (at least once a day in Hoboken.) What does that tell you about self-preservation?

It tells you that your every day average person in this town cannot comprehend the physics of a situation like “car vs. man.”

The fact that a vehicle weighs at least 10x what a human does, and that it’s prone to human error, mechanical failure and the such – but the entitled person still keeps walking as if the world revolves around them and respects them the same. WTF for?

A person who values their life and well being does not put themselves in risky propositions. A simple few seconds of self-awareness a day goes a long way at ensuring you’ll have a long, happy life.

411 Take: Seriously – take a look around. Am I the only one that wonders what has happened to our society as a whole?

Ask yourself how beneficial your “social network” really is

Number 4 Icon Hoboken NJWith the advent of all these social networks in the past 5-10 years (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Foursquare, etc.) – has your life truly improved?

I rarely spend any time on these networks (although we do send out blasts indirectly here at Hoboken411), but I see the social networking as being the number one way many people “communicate” with one another. Why did I put “communicate” in quotes? Because I wonder if all this “communication” is truly necessary.

Sharing links? Funny pictures? Constant commenting on posts from other people?

What I see it as, is a true waste of time, and now a real epidemic in terms of the need for everyone to “refresh” their updates. It’s a constant stream of information YOU DID NOT ASK FOR, yet voluntarily watch.

Facebook dominates many peoples livesAnd it goes beyond just keeping up to date with friends, or what some people justify as “Oh, I got back in touch with so and so…” It becomes an addiction to the point where you need to pick up your device or refresh your screen every five frickin minutes. And if you’re in a movie or church sermon, the first thing you do when it’s over is quickly “check” to see what’s new. You ever wonder if that’s healthy? That the information is “PUSHED” to you?

411 Take: I have access to these networks – but have not seen how they can improve my life. More disturbing is that these (central collectors of personal information) have now become the primary way of communication for many adults. They even forget how to use email now, and that Facebook is the main commenting system of many websites – makes people like me consider them the “Walmart of the internet.”

At some given point you can have “too much information.” And I believe that these so-called tools are the beginning of the end of our society as we know it. Justify it all you want. If you look from afar – you will truly understand that it’s not good in the long run. Especially when most people 30 and under have a tough time with face to face communication.

Why have we become so sedentary?

Number 3 Icon Hoboken NJCategorizing my list here was quite tough, because many topics overlap each other.

However – I still feel it’s important to emphasize the sedentary nature of our society.

Sure, we may “work out,” and do certain things that require some effort – but compared to say just 20 years ago, our society as a whole is way more sedentary than we’ve ever been!

As I mentioned in Number Six – I feel that “working out” is just a byproduct of our already lazy culture. We’re so flabby and unproductive that now we need to actually make a new, separate activity to “undo” the affects of our “slothiness.”

How much time do you spend doing sedentary activities? How much time do you spend with activities that are both productive and expend energy?

fat slob watching TVWhy are so many products produced to “make our lives easier?”

What are you doing with that extra time other than rotting away?

When was the last time you felt like you “earned” anything?” Or put some elbow grease into a tough project?

I’ll bet many of you can’t imagine a life without your time sitting or laying down, absorbing something mindless. But can you imagine how things were just 50 or 100 years ago? People had much more “sense of worth” than we do today – where we’re judged by what we own, how much “money” we make and so on – and much less than what we have built or accomplished with our bare hands.

411 Take: After realizing this myself (while still having a somewhat easy job myself), I have made a concerted effort to go out of my way to add extra effort to everything I do. I walk everywhere, have no issue breaking a sweat, and rarely (if ever) just sit on the couch. Always working and expending energy. I feel better every day I do it. Nothing is beyond my capability.

Sugar and starches offer NO benefit to your life

Number 2 Icon Hoboken NJYep – you knew this was coming. Living a low carb life is one of the best decisions ANY one of you will ever make.

The past four or five decades have been filled with misinformation from doctors, the government, and the media when it comes to “what you should eat.”

The worst part was in the 80’s when before the internet, “respected” publications like Time Magazine screwed the American population over by chastising bacon and eggs as the reason people got tubby and suffered from heart attacks.

30 years later, we’re the most obese country in the world, “dependent” on pills from big pharma, sicker than ever, and a whole lot more.

Now that the so-called “research” these manipulative entities engaged in is being deconstructed – some of us in the general populous are finally waking up. The studies were flawed, and sickeningly harmed millions who followed it as gospel. Thankfully, sites like the Eating Academy, Gary Taubes, and many others are proving how wrong the “Standard American Diet” was. Get educated now before it’s too late!

411 Take: No joke – the single best decision of my life to find out the truth about the American diet. No longer am I hungry, no longer do I “snack,” and I’ve improved my health more than ten-fold. However, after over a year of understanding the dietary situation profoundly, I’ve realized the hardest hurdle the rest of you are pitted against – is YOUR OWN BELIEFS. You have been involuntarily disarmed by the powers that be. And even when presented with living proof (with examples like myself), you still refuse to believe it. Pure evidence that you have been controlled and influenced. Anyone willing to get on board, just email Hoboken411 – and I’ll guide you in the right direction.

Get rid of: TV, magazines and all mainstream media!

Number 1 Icon Hoboken NJHands down – the best decision I’ve ever made in my life was “unplugging” from the “matrix” of misinformation that exists in our elite-controlled world of media.

Whether it’s TV stations, magazines, newspapers, movies or even commercial radio – it’s time you disconnected yourself from this mind-numbing array of propaganda and social engineering.

Frankly – the reason I initially “un-docked” was not necessarily because I knew I was being indoctrinated, nope. But because I wanted to get much of my time back to doing things that were more productive and fruitful to my life other than personal entertainment.

And another reason I did this, was because after walking Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar for years around Hoboken – I saw a pattern of the same people sitting in their living rooms day after day, month after month – just absorbed by the TV set. Sometimes five or six hours straight or more! Just vegetating on the sofa like a rotting piece of meat. And I’d say “wow, they have no clue they’re just mentally dwindling away…” And it had to stop for me. All news, entertainment, sports, and more. Cut off and kicked to the curb.

TV Slaves in Hoboken NJBut what I realized as the months passed by – is how powerful (and frightening) the messages being communicated in these mediums were.

In fact – it became disturbing at how much I could not tolerate the blatant bullshit being spewed from the phony talking heads on the idiot box.

For instance, I was at the Hoboken PSE&G office handling a billing concern, and they had a TV in the waiting room. The show on was “The View.” It was disturbing enough to watch the talking idiots spew nonsense, but even more disturbing to see the other four zombies in the waiting room with me – glued to the tube and laughing at the very UN-FUNNY jokes they made. Reminded me of the movie Idiocracy.”

Coupled with disconnecting your TV, and not reading newspapers or magazines – you will then realize what a phony and unreliable sham this whole industry is.

Their sole purpose is not to present “fair and balanced” information, but rather to “shape and direct” popular opinion and mentality. They have no interest in “telling it like it is” anymore, not one single bit.

It’s all about money and control.

411 Take: Do your research. Find reliable alternative media. Some online sources include: The Market Ticker (for general common sense), Zero Hedge (for honest finance news), and many others.

Also – for you sports fansask yourself this: Why do you like your “team?” Do you profit from it? Are you personal friends with a player? Why do you watch these over-paid men toss a ball around each week? Why do the girls wear jerseys?

I’ll tell you this much – you’re exactly where “they” want you to be. And without the millions of “fans” fighting amongst each other over what “rich-boy” player performs better than the other, there would be NO leagues, fantasy games or merchandise. All of you are simply enablers for the elite. But have fun studying statistics that mean nothing to society!

New Years Bottom Line:

What “resolutions” do you have this year? How do you feel about my recommendations? I had many more, but some I choose to share with friends & family only. I may publish one or two more in the coming weeks – but one thing is for sure: Now is the time for everyone to realize what is is really important in their lives!

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Friday, January 2, 2015 2:12 am

As another commenter suggested, I don’t find this post evangelical. It’s just common sense.

What strikes me the most when I travel is the lack of multi-dimensional thinking and problem solving skills everywhere I go. Easy access to information and potential solutions at your fingertips is creating a dependence. That alone is dangerous, because without that crutch you have a supply of useless people that can offer little to society.

Thursday, January 1, 2015 12:29 pm

It looks like I’ve commented on this in the past but since we’re here again, I’ll update as well. Specifically on the comment “With the exception of a very small minority, “working out” will only translate into dreadful pain later in life.” While I may agree with that sentiment for certain endurance exercises (certainly the ridiculous marathoning I used to do) there’s certainly some forms of “working out” that will only benefit most of us as we age. Submitted for your consideration: “ But the preponderance of the scientific evidence, flawed as it is, strongly indicates that we can change the trajectory of [our inevitable] decline. We can recover functional years that would otherwise have been lost. There is much talk in the aging studies community about “compression of morbidity,” a shortening of the dysfunctional phase of the death process. Instead of slowly getting weaker and sicker and circling the drain in a protracted, painful descent that can take hellish years or even decades, we can squeeze our dying into a tiny sliver of our life cycle. Instead of slowly dwindling into an atrophic puddle of sick fat…” Also… The underappreciated role of muscle in health and disease Robert R Wolfe ABSTRACT Muscle plays a central role in whole-body protein metabolism by serving as the principal reservoir for amino acids to maintain protein synthesis in vital tissues and organs in the absence of amino acid absorption from the gut and by providing hepatic gluconeogenic precursors. Furthermore, altered muscle metabolism… Read more »

Reply to  hoboken411
Monday, January 5, 2015 12:02 am

More for the cacoon life-style. Missing out on both physical and mental stimulation while being sold a bag of goods. 411 useful reminder. Evangelical leaders are for those of a followers mindset.[quote comment=”224217″]Hey Hans – Thanks for the excerpts. My point was not to suggest a sedentary lifestyle, but rather doing productive things that require physical strength and endurance can effectively eliminate the “need” hit the gym.Maybe city living does give merit to occasional strength-conditioning. But did you see my examples of how “easy” things have gotten in terms of physical exertion needed on a daily basis? Didn’t Bruce Lee do something to that effect where he turned almost every waking moment into opportunity to condition himself?Certainly deserves a more comprehensive discussion, but for sake of summary – I naturally wanted to keep it brief.[/quote]

Tuesday, January 1, 2013 10:36 pm

Agree with Facebook 100%. I’ve seen good friends go down the tube as if their life depends on how active they are in this virtual world. I feel as if it happened almost over night. How can this technology change certain individuals so fast? They’ve almost forgotten what it is like to have a calm, engaging conversation in person. Not many of us left, if you ask me. But please don’t knock me for sharing my thoughts online here now.

Monday, December 31, 2012 9:08 pm

Good post 411…although I disagree w/ the work-out one, the others are well said…esp. the one about media & FB. When I went to Thailand for a month over the summer for Muay Thai training, I didn’t watch much TV , use FB or read magazines…mentally I was more aware of myself…just peace and quiet was nice to have. As Tim Ferris said in the 4-hour work, put yourself on a “low-information diet” and see how productive you are.

Friday, December 28, 2012 2:08 pm

Do you really think exercise is a waste of time?

For me its vital for stress relief espcially high intensity intervals. And without lifting weights how will you most efficiently forestall the inevitable decline in overall muscle strength and bone density? Yeah I suppose I could build things or take up farming but illbet the biggest chance of injury will come from that rather than from controlled movements at the gym.

The other stuff makes sense though.

But before you lose all hope in humanity remember that half the population is dumber than average. Dysgenic trends notwithstanding there will always be tv programmng aimed at dullards, and in the case of The View, “low information voters.”

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