Pavement responsibility?

PSE&G wrecks Hoboken roads – who should fix them?

Most people who ride in a vehicle around Hoboken know that we have quite possibly the worst collection of roads (per square mile) than any other city. Kidney-jarring, skull-rattling potholes, bumps and cracks make driving around these parts quite unpleasant.

And there are many reasons our roads suck. Like water main breaks, new construction and utility repair – as pictured below. PSE&G has been doing quite a bit of gas line repairs around Hoboken, and what we’re left with are shoddy patches of roads, which will only deteriorate. With inclement weather, snow, plowing and salt – these spots will soon become tomorrow’s headaches.

Who should repair these things? How come no one has a plan to maintain quality streets around here?

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And then when they do finally get pouring new concrete for the sidewalks they rip up, asshole kids write their names in it.