A problem with private parking lots?

Hoboken resident miffed he got towed from private lot

Hoboken411 reader Dan briefly parked in the lot at the midtown CVS at 8th & Clinton last week because he had to run into his nearby apartment for a few minutes. Signs say for CVS customers only, and he got towed. See his story below.

CVS private parking lot Hoboken NJ - A problem with private parking lots?

Letter: Towing from lots is a disservice to Hoboken

“My car was parked on 8th and Willow over night and in the morning, on the way to the gym, I noticed that street cleaning was from 10am-11am.

No problem. I was at the gym from 9-9:45, and had enough time to move my car to avoid getting a street cleaning ticket. When I got back from the gym, I moved my car, and put it in the CVS lot on 811 Clinton, knowing it would not be there for long. I went to my apt to change out of my gym gear, put some things down, and then move my car into my permanent parking lot. When I came back, about 20-30 minutes later, my car was gone, only to find out that it had been towed by Mile Square Towing.

I didn’t leave it there overnight, I didn’t leave it there for days on end. It was there for 20-30 minutes and it was towed. I made the trip up to 1500 Jackson St where my car was and tried to speak to someone and reason with them. I had called them before making the trip there, hoping that maybe the driver could just turn his car around and bring it back.. yea right, that didn’t happen.

The lady on the phone was not having it and told me to come by. I spoke to an older man once I got to the garage, and he refused to give me his name. I explained to him the situation and he was not having it. He kept repeating to me “pay the fee.”

I can understand if I parked in a handicap spot, if I was parked somewhere illegally, in front of a fire hydrant, wrong side of the street, but c’mon the CVS lot for 30 minutes max and that warrants my car to be towed?

I paid the $150 fee and left telling this older man, who I think owns the lot, that he is doing a disservice to the town of Hoboken with towing people at will. He is a crook and if there is ever a reason why no one comes to this town to shop, or eat, or improve this towns economy, it’s places like Mile Square Towing that are the reason. Why would anyone want to shop here, eat here, or enjoy the great sites we have to offer, where if they park somewhere, where there is a risk of getting towed (which is anywhere in this town) why the hell would you come here?”

How do they verify who are CVS customers or not?

411 Note: I understand Dan’s frustration – especially since the lot was likely not even at capacity with customers dying to get into the CVS. “What’s the harm?” one might ask.

However, signs are signs – and they are clearly marked. And it is this private property with rules. I can imagine that if they start bending the rules – that people would abuse said luxury and that lot would soon be impossible to park in.

How do you think they towed him so fast – and confirm that he did not at all qualify as a “CVS customer?” Do you think “spotters” are standing by from either CVS or the tow company ready to pluck violators away like shooting fish in a barrel?

Regardless – some lessons learned are expensive ones.

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CL Smooth
CL Smooth
Thursday, December 27, 2012 1:50 pm

I’ve done it before. Not in CVS, but in a lot next to my building. It’s park at your own risk, you have no right to complain if it’s towed while parked illegally. Question is, who’s doing the spotting. CVS? Someone else in cahootz with the tow company?

Thursday, December 27, 2012 9:48 am

Have any of you guys been in that CVS? Its been a while since I have, since the last few times a couple years ago were bad experiences. Walking in and not finding a single employee anywhere to help me find what I need OR even ring me up. Prior to the self checkout machines I had to stand at the register for 10 minutes waiting to pay… it was ridiculous. Finally some 16 year old came out of the break room and took my money. So I find it a bit odd that unless that place has suddenly become a functioning store with staff that helps people, patrolling the parking lot shouldn’t be priority #1 for the business.
That being said, I’m sure the main time for patrolling the parking lot is street cleaning time! Does this happen when people park in the lot for 30 min when its not street cleaning day? I’d like to see what happens when someone parks in the lot at 3 pm on a Friday when there are spots on the street. That would be a better way to test if the owner of the CVS is constantly patrolling his lot for non customers or if its just the morning of street cleaning. And yes, it doesn’t help his business to tow people parking there that aren’t shopping, they will never shop there once their car is towed.

Thursday, December 27, 2012 1:09 am

Sounds like a modern day goldie locks. What would have been really funny is if this writer had found someone who had gotten in the back seat to take a quick snooze .

Thursday, December 27, 2012 12:35 am

Well, I hope you received Rosetta Stone, the English Version for the Holidays so that this doesn’t happen again. I mean, I wouldn’t want you to walk into your apt. and find me there, I mean I was just staying there for about 30 min. or so, I hope you don’t mind.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012 7:22 pm

You were parked on private property reserved for customers of CVS while you weren’t a customer. I really don’t see your argument or rant. You were warned of the events to follow. The sign didn’t state it’s ok to park here for 10 minutes. It clearly states NO PARKING. You got what you deserve, so stop complaining. I’m sure you’ll never illegaly park your car agian in the future.

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