Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

Hope everyone has a safe, happy & Merry Christmas holiday and heck, we might even get some snow flurries to add to the festive mood!

Merry Christmas Hoboken NJ 2013 - Merry Christmas

Cool Christmas Light Show from Wall, NJ

While Hoboken can look very charming with holiday decorations (like Halloween and Christmas), no one in town has stepped up to the plate to do an elaborate light show that many home owners have been doing around the country in recent years.

Take a look at this awesome light show done by Bob Alberding, who lives down in Wall Township. Dubbed “The Christmas Light Show,” it’s now in its 8th year – and is attended by more than 10,000 visitors. They also helped raise over $9,000 for the Challenged Youth Sports charity. Perhaps with all these knockout crimes and carjackings – some Hoboken residents can also do their part next year. Knowing our luck however, any “pyrotechnics” would result in a tragic holiday blaze. So maybe it’s better off to leave this fun to other towns!

Merry Christmas!

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