Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22nd

Hoboken photo remains of the week: December 22, 2012

Hoboken Holly Left Hoboken411 - Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22ndHoboken Holly Right Hoboken411 - Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22ndHope everyone is entering into a more relaxed time of the year with Christmas just a couple days away!

And the good news is, that it doesn’t appear that any blizzards or nor’easters are forecast for at least the next week. God is being kind!

Below are a few photo remnants from the past week. One last note to all you overly politically-correct folks: You can actually safely say “Merry Christmas” now instead of “Happy Holidays” because Hanukkah is long over!

Church Square Park in the winter

Want to see “politics” in action in Hoboken?

Last week, Mayor Dawn Zimmer had a friggin’ ribbon cutting at Church Square Park. As you know, they’re still working on the park! Just because a few safety-hazards new jungle gyms were installed, doesn’t necessarily warrant a “Grand Opening” ceremony. In the winter. With mounds of dirt and construction equipment a stones-throw away. But seeing her ratings tumble with recent bad-news events in the city, it was politics 101 to summon the media so you can get some “fluff” print.

A sensible Mayor would have scheduled a formal grand opening in the warmer weather, along with dancing clowns and ear-piercing kiddie music.

Church Square Park construction Hoboken NJ - Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22nd

Last Minute Christmas Gifts at Cornerstone Pets

Are you still mind-boggled at what to do for Christmas gifts? Any pet owners on your list? They always appreciate stuff for their 4-legged friends!

Cornerstone Pets (9th & Wash) has a pretty good selection of Christmas-themed products… and would make a great last minute gift option.

Christmas Collars Cornerstone Pets Hoboken NJ - Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22nd

The only floating Hoboken Xmas decoration: Yankee Ferry

I noticed the other day that the Yankee Ferry docked uptown had a cute little mini-xmas tree light set up on the boat. That may very well be the only “floating” Christmas decoration in all of Hoboken! (other than your pool or bathtub, that is…)

Yankee Ferry Christmas Decoration Hoboken NJ - Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22nd

Hoboken gets a new “Medicine Man”

And in other exciting news, the Medicine Man Pharmacy finally opened up at 511 Washington Street.

If you walk by today, take note of the nice display of Bounty Paper Towels in the windows, the “quicker picker upper.” Another reason to “Shop Local,” right?

Medicine Man Pharmacy Hoboken NJ - Hoboken photo leftovers: Dec. 22nd

Enjoy the windy weekend!

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