Party like it’s “the end of the world?”

End of the World Party at Kolo Klub in Hoboken, NJ

For those that want to celebrate “the end of the world” at an upscale venue – head over to the Kolo Club at 15th & Grand this Friday starting at 8pm (and lasting till they close if the place is still there.)

Shot specials, “confessions” heard at the bar, and “last rights” given by Priest Damien Frost right before midnight. Adding to the mix is a special shot at 11:34pm (which is “hell” if you turn it upside down).

Hmmm, was the spooky “December 21, 2012 end of world” date created by Mayans or Marketing people? When is the next “end date” for the cataclysmic demise of our world as we know it? Better be soon, our economy is in the crapper!

Kolo Klub Hoboken NJ end of world party pilsener haus - Party like it's "the end of the world?"

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