City Offender Zone 10/19/2007


Been sitting on quite a few reader emails regarding “public officials” breaking the posted parking rules. This batch contains Port Authority vehicles, Hoboken PD, and even the Hoboken Parking Utility.

Hoboken seems to be building an army of mini “Jimmy Justice’s“.. speaking of which, take a look at this CNN video of the renegade videographer going around NYC telling a cop “you’re supposed to enforce the law, not break it”.. A former NYC transportation commissioner says that “the public has a right to challenge a government worker, even on the job”.

See the five offending pictures and corresponding email with each one (if any) after the jump.


1. Shiny shields gets preferred parking

I took these pics today of a massive pick up parked at the stop sign at 6th & Garden. Waiting to cross the street I saw 3 cars nearly hit each other because the cars heading down Garden couldn’t see the cars coming down 6th. On closer inspection, the black truck had one of those state police gold medallions displayed (I tried to get a pic of that, but there was too much sun glare.) Anyway, thought it would fit in with the crusade against intersection creep.

You might want to investigate the number of council people and committee people who have SUVs and pick ups.


2. HPU says “F-U” to oncoming traffic

here is a Hoboken Parking Authority vehicle inexplicably double parked in front of the Calabro school on Park between 5th & 6th. Next to an empty space!
Note the UPS truck stuck behind it & of course there is the other cars stuck behind the UPS truck. Much honking ensued!

I was “standing beside myself!!”


3. Hey, a parking spot!

No email for this one, just a pic sent from a camera phone:


4. “Port Authority”, or “Privileged Parking?”

Outside of DelFinos, a problem corner where all sorts of police “and friends” double & illegally park and discuss the day. Crossing this corner is like rolling the dice.

I recognize that this is the Port Authority Police, but they have a certain level of cooperation with the city.

Part of the solution??


5. Private long-term street parking?

FYI, this cop has been parking illegally for at least a year, perhaps more… just now had the chance to snap a photo. He always parks either on the NW or SW side of 3rd and Park, mostly on evenings during the week, or during the days on weekends. I’ve never seen a ticket on the windshield, of course.


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strand tramp
strand tramp

oh yeah, this was a real eye opener; i recall seeing HPD warning when the smoking ban was just taking effect that anyone with an open container outside of a bar would be issued a sumons. i remember calling the HPD and telling them that there was a regular “party” on 1st/Willow with 4-5 guys sitting on folding chairs and boxes openly drinking alsohol on the street corner. the cop told me that “these people can’t afford the bars so they have to sit on the corners.” yes, true story. the HPD telling me on the phone that open container laws would only be applied to white people.


[quote comment=”49229″]How do you know the police cars were not valid calls to protect the public? Personaly the only one that ticks me off is the HPU truck. They are the only ones giving parking tixkets anyway.[/quote]
Because they are required to have their light on when they are on a call. Did you see lights flashing in all of the pix? Nope! Have you ever seen them stopped without lights flashing when all their doing to giving someone a warning for noise? Nope! With few excepts: no lights = no call.


I’m sure that the cops who park on the corner of Luca Brasi’s must be protecting the public and NOT eating inside


[quote comment=”49229″]How do you know the police cars were not valid calls to protect the public? Personaly the only one that ticks me off is the HPU truck. They are the only ones giving parking tixkets anyway.[/quote]

Well, because I’ve seen him park there almost on a daily basis for the better part of a year. I’ve even seen the cop himself sometimes, just standing over by that scuba store and shooting the shit with employees. Day or night, he’ll park on that corner no matter what, many times causing a lot of problems.


[quote comment=”49204″]so how about this for an idea. someone more savvy than myself should create a boilerplate “citizen’s parking summons” available for download on this site. then we can print them out – ticket the offenders – and for the really ambitious – send a copy to the town office of the offender. maybe silly – but i am bored at work today[/quote]

i think there was something to that affect on this site a while back