Hoboken botches automated robot garage

Letter: Hoboken mismanages automated parking facility

We already know that Hurricane Sandy caused some horrible parking garage situations – like at the Sylvan Garage and one of the city garages near the hospital.

And then there’s the 916 Automated Robot Garage – which doesn’t have the storm to “blame,” but rather with how poorly it is managed by the city of Hoboken.

MANY residents are left out to dry, as Hoboken411 reader Tony details in a recent letter below.

Automated parking garage FAIL in Hoboken NJ

Hoboken drivers wait, no spare parts in stock, utter nonsense

“To our great frustration it was “broken” yesterday and they had to manually pull out cars (imagine a line of 10 people trying to get to work and being told it would take 20 min to get a single car out?) Apparently there are two elevator lift systems. One system broke a within the last two weeks (which noticeably slowed down the process of retrieving your car) and within the last two days the other elevator broke.

According the guys working at the garage: The city must order replacement parts because they don’t have any on stock (why would it necessary to keep spare essential parts on hand?) Also the parts manufacturer/provider will not send the parts until Hoboken first pays for them (e.g. the city is not seen as having reliable credit). Furthermore the city can’t pay for the parts until the city council approves the expense.

It is understandable that machinery breaks, but good management should plan ahead for the inevitable maintenance and break-downs. With the redundancy built into the system the garage should never be completely out of service.

It would also be nice if the city would inform us (the monthly users) that the garage is broken and give us a time line for it to be back up. They should also be refunding us for days we cannot use the garage.

One woman waiting for her car complained that she doesn’t have a Hoboken parking sticker because she parks in the garage – now being forced to park on the street she is subject to getting a parking ticket.”

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