Afternoon Political Poll & Cartoon


Here’s a few questions to see what you collectively think about the upcoming 4th Ward election in three weeks. Plus I made an entirely random cartoon with no real idea of what the “plot” was…



Your predictions:


Voting tendencies (4th Ward Residents only, please}



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Do something right…You are absolutely right. There is a LOT of APATHY…that can and will change when the PUBLIC is alerted and EDUCATED as to the PROCESS that COUNCIL PEOPLE go through,
first to get elected, then to have a follow up on the job that they are doing, then to see a “rap sheet” on their accomplishments every six months…
this would include the several meetings, (on traffic) (on parking) (on development) (on flooding) that they attend every week and the RESULTS and PLANS that occur or supposedly occur at these.
Most people come out for PRESIDENTS, and COUNCIL PEOPLE in their respective wards, and that lessens considerably for local Assembly (like the one that just passed us by)……

Importance and public input are gaining and time will tell, we have a lot of new people here who care also..that might help..



[quote comment=”48809″]I didn’t answer the last question, since I live in the 3rd and as much as I would love to vote for Dawn, I can’t.[/quote]

who are you kidding….go sign up to work with Crampos & Jailhouse Gerry and i am sure they will find someone who died in the 4th ward so you can vote. i heard he had 40 people working for him that voted in the last election that did not live in hoboken.


I didn’t answer the last question, since I live in the 3rd and as much as I would love to vote for Dawn, I can’t.


So in this pseudo-scientific poll, 25% are saying “Six of one, one half dozen of another,” between Dawn and Chrissy.

Those are really scary numbers to be reading on THIS board. I might expect that from a poll walking down Washington Street, but regular H411 browsersrs are proably the most politically informed people in this town, if not the State. To learn that one fourth of the readers on 411 find no real difference between Campos and Zimmer – when there is all the difference in the world – probably spells doom for the Zimmer election and the chance that reformers might ever take back this town.

So how deep does the apathy run in Hoboken, and why is it so persistent. I’ve heard the transients argument, but I see far more strollers now than 20-somethings. Again, this survey is really scary and should be a call to action to everyone whose ever met anyone in the 4th ward – friends, acquintances, dates, business associates, whatever: GOTFV “Get out the .. vote”.