What are your “Pros vs. Cons”?


Not necessarily a “Hoboken” subject, but I was inspired to write this post earlier this week when I was showering at 7am, not to “get ready for work”, but rather to “get ready to sleep” after not showering for three days, and being up for 24 straight hours, and only getting FOUR hours of sleep the previous 72!

I thought it’d be interesting to share my views of the good/bad and hear what other Hoboken411 readers had to say!

Looking at the other side

pros-cons-hoboken-2.jpgMy whole life, I’ve always had the keen ability to see the bright side when it’s dark, and the potential pitfalls when things are going well (although I was also good at ignoring those pitfalls). More importantly, I’m very consistent at finding the silver lining to every dark cloud. That has been my persona as long as I can recall.

So the other day, as I was showering my filth off after a tedious stretch of minimal sleep I started getting all “introspective”.. and sorta looking at my life from the outside in. And it wasn’t such a bad thing. And as I was 1/2 asleep in the shower, almost getting lulled into a blissful slumber standing up.. ideas started popping into my head. Like “what are other people grateful for?”, and “do other folks appreciate the good things they have in life?”.. and “how do most folks quantify their lives? With money? With personal satisfaction? With beauty? Superficial things? Spiritual connections? etc.”

I started becoming my usual quantifiable self, and all these pro/con and con/pro links started popping up in my head.. and shortly thereafter the inspiration for this post came to fruition.

I said: “Do other people share similar thought patterns?”… my identical other half said “Maybe, maybe not… why don’t you create a post where people can express themselves?”… “Why don’t you divulge your thoughts and see what they say?”… I replied to myself and said: “Ok, it’s a deal!” (well not really but more along the lines of.. Hmmm.. good conversational post!)

So with that being said, I invite you into the mind of Perry, the creator of Hoboken411 to see what his perspective on life can be (at this particular moment). I’ll provide one “pro vs. con” and one equally opposite “con vs. pro” so you can get a snapshot of how I think… Consider the con vs. pro a “black cloud circumstance…

Share your sentiments below:

Pros vs. Cons:

Example Number 1: Being my own boss running 411
Ever since I deserted my previous job over a year and a half ago, I’ve realized that unless the circumstances are pretty much perfect, I just don’t work well with incompetent superiors. I started 411 and here I am.

Pros: Completely flexible work schedule. No worries about clothing, no pre-defined hours, no “performance reviews”, being late doesn’t get you in trouble, no office “rules” (smoking, drinking, working in your underwear, etc), inspiration to do a good job without fear, threats, or reprimands, caring more than ever what you do because it’s something you’re passionate about (I could go on)

Cons: No guaranteed income stream, self-maintained healthcare, lack of forced (and often beneficial) structure, requires self-motivation, no “sick days”, more hours than I’ve ever worked, less free time, overall very overwhelming.

Bottom line: I’ve never been inspired to have such a consistent streak. I’ve found my “niche” after way too long. Sure, I’d love to win the Mega Millions Jackpot, but guess what? I’d still keep doing Hoboken411 if I did, and that pretty much sums it up. How many of you would keep your job if you won the lottery?

Cons vs. Pros:

Example Number 1: My dog Oscar gets hit by a car and dies. (I know it’s morbid, but…)

Cons: I’d be very sad. He’s becoming such a loyal an perfect dog. I’d miss taking him on walks and to the dog parks and hanging out with the nice people I’ve recently met, etc. Having a responsibility that requires me to leave the house to get some fresh air 365 days a year. No more chick magnet.

Pros: Despite my sadness, I quickly identify “what is better” after every bad incident. In this case, while having my companion was very satisfying, my life would also improve in some ways. I’d save more than 1,000 hours a year walking him, taking care of him, cleaning up after him. That time was very valuable to me. I can sleep all day if feeling ill, avoid the bad weather, save money on pet supplies, etc.

Bottom Line: It’s always an emotional investment to care for another living being, human, animal or otherwise. While most people consider this form of thinking off-limits, I feel the need to “take some good” from every bad circumstance, otherwise I’d be consumed by negative feelings. By focusing on the “bright side”, you can often overcome them.

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[quote comment=”49405″]Pro: Fall is here I can stop sweating and hearing all of the experts piss and moan about their teams and players.

Con: Now I have to hear the same guys piss and moan about football teams and players.

Congrats Townie.. About the kid, not your fantasy team.[/quote]


Pro: A cool breeze will finally start to blow through the area, as this summer weather finally gives way to fall

Con: A frigid blast will follow shortly thereafter, as the dominant wind direction changes to the north and howls down the Hudson River, especially near that cliff on the river near the skateboard park


Pro: Zac
Con: Stipation


Pro: Fall is here I can stop sweating and hearing all of the experts piss and moan about their teams and players.

Con: Now I have to hear the same guys piss and moan about football teams and players.

Congrats Townie.. About the kid, not your fantasy team.


Con: Jets suck.
Pro: They have a good backup and should play for draft pick

Con: The election between Campos & Zimmer is almost here, ending months of nonsense that has been talked about endlessly (it is really funny reading)
Pro: Neither of them represent me

Con: The police cannot club the homeless
Pro: The homeless can club each other in broad daylight in the middle of Washington

Con: My fantasy football team is 3-3
Pro: I won my last 3 games and should win this weekend

Con: I need a doublewide stoller
Pro: I am having another kid