Practical holiday gifts for the bathroom

Would you appreciate practical Christmas gifts?

Practical Christmas Gifts for the bathroomOver the past year – I’ve personally made some incredible changes in my life…

Streamlined a lot of stuff (no more TV), cracked the health code (low carb living) and many other things I’ll share with you all eventually.

But I realized I could connect some of the practicalities I’ve discovered to holiday gift giving.

Note that everything here is endorsed by me because I use them in real life.

The wonders of Tea Tree Oil Soap

Too many bathroom productsAre you one of those people that waste tons of money each month on bath and beauty “products?”

Not only are there millions of different lotions, soaps, shampoos, and skin care products – the cost has risen a LOT more than what you’re led to believe when the MSM talks about “1% inflation.”

Do you really need all that crap? Do you believe the promises of “rejuvenated” skin, or “healthy glow” and the rest of the psychologically manipulative advertising? Well, if you do – you’re probably getting conned.

I threw everything out this year. I replaced 99% of my products with mostly one thing: bars of Tea Tree Oil soap.

Tea Tree Oil products and their benefits

You will be thankful for tea tree oil products!

No artificial chemicals, and perfect skin is what you’ll quickly achieve. That one bar of soap cleanses your entire body (removing blemishes associated with bad skin, like zits, etc.) AND you wash your hair with it too. Lathers up nicely, and smells great. I use these two brands:

Lemongrass and Tea Tree Oil Soap by Nubian Heritage. This is fantastic, and even has exfoliating nuggets embedded in the bar. My skin, scalp and hair has never been healthier.

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap: Hemp Tea Tree Pure Castille Soap. Another great soap, even more pure than the lemongrass bar I mentioned above. Crazy amount of lather and lasts a very long time. Imagine a $5 bar of soap replacing all your other expensive products for at least a month?

Lastly – some ladies might find these soaps a bit “dry” at first (your body will eventually adjust to the lack of toxic chemicals.) However, if washing your hair with a bar of soap rubs you the wrong way, you can always try a tea tree oil shampoo. Nature’s Gate Calming Tea Tree Shampoo is a great, simple shampoo (under $6), and solves bad scalp issues some might have. If that seems too affordable – you can always get the Paul Michtell Tea Tree Shampoo (with conditioner) for about 10x the cost.

Enjoy your improved skin if you decide to give it a shot!

Men should ALWAYS shave in the shower

While we’re still in the bathroom – which guy still shaves at the bathroom sink? (And I’m not referring to the bearded beatniks with skinny jeans which oddly seems to be trending in these parts..)

Shaving at the sink is messy and annoying – and probably leads to more cuts since the beard cannot be at the optimal softened state.

The best way to shave is in the shower. The steam from hot shower provides ideal shaving conditions. However, most shower mirrors SUCK. They either don’t work – or lose their anti-fog properties rather quickly (a few months).

The solution? The fogless shower mirror from Toilet Tree products.

You fill the mirror with hot water – squeegee the surface – and it remains perfectly fog-free. I have not cut myself since I began using it.

The shower mirror is now also available in a new LED lit version (I get my upgrade tomorrow!)

Fogless Shower Mirror Toilet Tree

Have a fun and practical holiday!

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