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Dine InDeed Hoboken donations for January 2013

1/10/2013 Update:

Just a quick bump to note that Cugini Kitchen is continuing their donations of 10% of all sales to the Dine In Deed program for the month of January (every Friday – so swing by tomorrow!)

Also two other Hoboken places are participating this month: Green Rock (Mondays 4pm to 8pm – Dine in only) and D’s Soulfull Cafe (Tuesdays 7am to 4pm – Dine in or pickup).

Dine Indeed Hoboken NJ - Cugini Kitchen Donates

Easy charity support via Cugini Kitchen in Hoboken, NJ

Seems like everyone has their hands out for charity needs these days. Whether it’s a hurricane, some down and out people, or other groups (women, kids, pets, save the birds, planet earth, etc.) – it appears endless – and can often make people think twice about opening their wallets.

But we all need to eat, right?

That’s why I approve of Cugini Kitchen (918 Washington St.) participating in the Dine In Deed program.

Each Friday this month – they’re donating 10% of ALL sales to various local charities – at NO ADDED COST TO YOU! How about that!

A third of all money raised goes equally to the Jubilee Center, Boys & Girls Club and ASAT (Association for Science in Autism Treatment).

So if you need help deciding where you should eat today – here is a great start! (They have great food too – try the Cugini Burger – medium rare).

Cugini Kitchen Dine Indeed Charity Donations - Cugini Kitchen Donates

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