Staying warm in the winter

Last minute Hoboken NJ gift ideas: WARMTH

For the next week or so – Hoboken411 will share some practical gift ideas for the Christmas season.

What we will publish are products that we have actually bought and used – and can vouch for them from personal experience. Without further adieu…

Staying warm in Hoboken during the winter season

To be honest, the past seven winters since starting Hoboken411 – I’ve been quite cold.

Not just because I used to wear shorts year round (that ended in fall of 2011), but because I could never find the right accessories to keep my hands and ears warm. Was always cold!!

But this year I took the initiative to experiment with a lot of different products (bought, tried, returned), and I came up with two specific products that earned the Hoboken411 Seal of Approval:

  • 180s Down Ear Warmers: The typical wrap-around ear warmers you see aren’t half bad. But on the coldest days still leave you shivering. That is why you want the 180’s Down Ear Warmers. Hands down the best! You can even get them with built in earphones for just 5 bucks more. Good sound quality too!
  • 180s Down Touchscreen Gloves: Yep. I admit it. After being a Blackberry holdout for eons, I finally delved into the touchscreen world this past summer. The problem there? You cannot answer the phone by simply pressing a physical button. You need to “swipe” a screen. And most regular gloves won’t work. You need “touchscreen gloves.” The best and warmest I found were also the 180s Down Touchscreen gloves. Very warm (not the best), but the warmest I could find that work on all this dopey technology.

Do you have recommendations for warm weather apparel? What about the ever-invasive need to have your technology accessible?

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