Careless cooking happens often


Yep, it’s after 6am, and I STILL haven’t gotten to sleep yet.

So I was privileged enough to hear yet another false fire alarm in Hoboken on the live police/fire scanner.

Fire alarms were activated at the Jefferson Trust apartment building at 300 Newark Street. Reports of “smoke on the first floor”. It turned out to be “careless cooking” which ranks in the top three reasons for false alarms in Hoboken, along with rain storms / flooding and construction workers (either sawdust, chemicals, etc.).

This incident of careless cooking was a little different for responding firefighters, as they said it was the THIRD time this person FELL ASLEEP while cooking (not sure if it was breakfast, or a drunken meal from a long Sunday night out). Great job, sleepy-pie!

While centrally monitored alarm systems are a modern marvel that likely saves 1000’s of lives annually, they really need to perfect the smoke-sensing technology to be able to differentiate between cooking and a bonafide structure fire. I live in an older building and have probably set my smoke detectors off at least once a year. At least I didn’t waste resources (fuel, waking neighbors, etc).

Is it possible that the lost economic productivity from the sluggish people that were awakened in the early dawn is much worse than the one out of 10,000 times these fancy alarm systems actually predict a real fire. Am I off-base here? There has to be some new technology somewhere!


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Kooky Kat—if it’s ok with you would you please email me
at so i can ask your advice regarding an Adams St. issue. I’ll explain. i’d rather not discuss openly. But i would appreciate it a lot. If not then ok.

kooky kat

For the record, I am still a renter, there are people who now own in our building, trust me, they aren’t any more careful than we are. I see butts and cherries from the person above us flying past my window at night at night – just flicking then onto the sidewalk from a high floor.


My family stayed in an incredible house on the mountain in Vail, CO that belonged to a friend of my dad’s when I was in college. I made pancakes for breakfast one morning. I’d had very little experience with gas stoves (grew up on electric….haha sounds like an 80s song). Anyway, an hour or so later when we were all outside geared up for a day of skiing, my dad went back in the house to get something. He came back out and reemed me for having left the gas on. Apparently I hadn’t turned it off all the way, and the entire house smelled of gas. I was fa-reaked at the idea that I could’ve blown this lady’s (kinda expensive) house up. 😳


*hug for kooky*

I had no idea that this occured 3 times prior with the same person. Otherwise in the state I was, I would have made my feelings a little more personal, so perhaps that’s a good thing.

The worst fires happen at night, and quite frankly it scared the crap out of me.

I’ve had this sort of thing happen twice before in the Vanguard, but during the day. It was always a pot left on the stove boiling water or something like that.

Once I can understand and forgive, twice you’re an idiot, 3 times and you have a problem because you just don’t give a damn and you need some extra negative reinforcement to make you behave like a normal human being. Which can take several forms- a fine, getting kicked out, or perhaps even someone’s foot – lodged firmly up the offender’s backside.


I think I have a certain level of tolerance for city living, but it was his third time guy comes home, makes food and falls asleep and sets off the fire alarm.