What are Newark manholes doing here?

[Continuing the original Hoboken411 photo series: Where is this?…]

Hoboken proudly displays manholes from Newark, NJ

Since Hoboken Manholes were on my mind (wait, that sounds worse than it is!) – I spotted this bugger during my travels.

It clearly states “Newark, NJ.” Why is that? Is someone in Newark looking for this thing? Should we contact authorities in Newark? Maybe there’s a reward for it?

Anyway – can you guess where this manhole actually is in Hoboken?

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The DPW got them cheap, they saved a few bucks.

joey maxim
joey maxim

in regard to complaints to the nj congress,comeon now…i feel for the home owners that
purhased condos bldgs in a town below sea level can see the trees for the forest..The
Mayor means well but this is not new england and , water seeks its level..btw the jersey
shore is gone…btw again who was betrayed by fema..people are still living in tents and
shelters in south jersey..homes washed away..Hoboken got wacked bad but many in
jersey are without power..guess all the 300 or so mayors have a beef.It is what it is .[quote comment=”218592″]The DPW got them cheap, they saved a few bucks.[/quote]


The foundry probably made a lot more “City of Newark” than “City of Hoboken” covers, so I’d just assume they had extras and Hoboken needed one.


It wouldn’t surprise me if it was right in front of city hall.