Hoboken Children’s Academy

3/12/2010 Update:

Hoboken Children’s Academy to open 2nd location

Just two and a half years after opening their first location at 5th and Willow – Hoboken Children’s Academy is set to open up a second location at 12th and Washington. Congrats to them on their success!

Hoboken Childrens Academy 1131 Washington Street Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Children's Academy



hoboken childrens academy - Hoboken Children's Academy

A new state-of-the-art place to care for your child when you can’t.

Located at 501 Willow Avenue, they feature stupendous security, top-notch education, cleanliness, nutrition, and an exclusive night-care program as well!

hoboken childrens academy director kristie bilik - Hoboken Children's AcademyDirector Kristie Bilik says:

“It is my intention that Hoboken Children’s Academy be a place where parents are comfortable leaving their children and where the children are happy and fulfilled. We live in such a great town but there is a need for quality, dependable childcare. HCA is what we’ve been waiting for and I am honored and privileged to be part of something that will improve the quality of life for the children and parents in Hoboken.”

To receive more information or to ask questions regarding their program, Kristie can be reached by e-mail at kbilik@hobokenca.com.

Now taking applications. Space is limited, so hurry! Check their website out: Hoboken Children’s Academy

hoboken childrens academy 2 - Hoboken Children's Academy

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Hoboken Children’s Academy left a toddler at the park recently. They went to the park with 12 children, a 12 seater buggy, and three adults and they came home with only 11 children. They did not realize they lost a child until the police called notifying them of the missing kid. This is unexcusable! They chose to continue to employee the teachers at fault and they took limited responsibility for their error. Further, they have continually lost their best teachers because of the manner in which they treat their employees. I would NEVER send my child here.


I can see another reason for long hours. Not everyone works 9 to 5.

Where I work we have flex hours. As long as your 8 hours at the job over lap the 10am to 3pm block you can start any time (work responsibilities permitting).

I work 8:30 to 4:30.

I know people that start at 7 and get out at 3. I know people that start at 10 and work till 6.


If you are really, really naughty, a good caning will do the trick.


[quote comment=”48633″]HCA stands for “Hoboken Catholic Academy”[/quote]
Most catholics can’t read – she is not worried.

If you are naughty does she spank or paddle?


I was asking. When I read 12 hours I was stunned. If it is something that rarely happens, because of emergencies, OK. In my opinion, having once been a child myself I am entitled to judge, if parents do it on a regular basis then is just plain wrong. In my opinion, these parents need to reorganize their priorities for the sake of the kids. Otherwise, they might as well send the kiddies to boarding school at a young age. If anyone is going to have a family, then family is more important than work, even if it means they don’t have all the lifestyle perks.