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After “media” leaves town – Rockaway Beach in dire need

Many areas, including Hoboken, definitely felt the impact of Hurricane Sandy over 40 days ago.

However, the devastation in our city almost pales in comparison to what cities like Rockaway Beach endured during the storm, a mere 15 linear miles from Hoboken. So bad, that the need to rebuild ASAP has reached a critical point – especially with the coldest weather of the year around the corner.

Village Pourhouse owner Michael Sinensky has direct ties to Rockaway Beach – and formed the Friends of Rockaway organization to help them rebuild. See video below – and a specific list of how they’re going to use the funds raised. Additionally, they seemed to have run out of volunteers, now that the storm damage is no longer the main topic on the news.

You can donate here.

How Rockaway Beach will use money for Hurricane Sandy recovery

  1. Financial Support: Grants for low and middle-income families to help bridge the gap between what it actually costs to rebuild and what they have been given by insurance companies and FEMA.
  2. Incentives to Pool Resources: We will work with contractors, plumbers, electricians, and mold specialists to work in a more organized fashion. By teaming up with them to work block by block, instead of house by house – we will greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to get entire sections of the neighborhood up and running.
  3. Small Business Assistance: The main strip of businesses along 129th Street has been dealt a crushing blow. Using the workers mentioned above, we want to help this area get back on their feet. This will return a sense of normlacy to the area, as well as help the community get back on its feet economically.
  4. Supplies for rebuilding: By buying wheelbarrows, breaker boxes, industrial fans, dehumidifiers, lighting, and the like – we have been able to help residents empower themselves to begin the cleanup effort. We have, and will continue to be, lending these pieces of equipment to the community.
  5. Laborers and Bussing: One of the biggest problems we have encountered is a lack of volunteers during the weekdays. Ha have tackled this problem head on by hiring day-laborers and sending them directly to where help is needed most.
  6. Hiring Unemployed residents for the cleanup effort: Rebuilding Rockaway is a full time job. We have taken the initiative to hire full-time coordinators to help the community full time until it is back on its feet.
  7. Gift Cards: For those in need, a gift card to Target, Macy’s, Home Depot or Costco can make a tremendous difference. We have been providing these to residents in need.

Events to help rebuild Rockaway Beach

There’s also a couple events this week that go to this charity:

Best of luck to them, and all the areas affected by Hurricane Sandy!

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Sunday, December 9, 2012 11:38 pm

My parents live in New Jersey and JCP&L didn’t restore power until the week of Thanksgiving, so it happened in NJ, too.

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