Hoboken411 Birthday Week!


Ok, last post for Hoboken411 Birthday Week. Just wanted to say thank you again! It’s the first and last time I’ll “promote” my b-day here. Back to being low-key. Whatever you do, don’t forget to support the sponsors that help keep 411 going! Have a great weekend.


Thanks again for all the generosity from those that contributed so far this week. It honestly means a lot!

Hoboken411 AmazonIn today’s birthday update, I wanted to remind everyone that Hoboken411 has been an Amazon.com associate for over a year. I had run links last Holiday Season. Well, it’s time to put them back!

Today, I’ve put a new and improved Amazon search box on the bottom of the left sidebar. You can search items without leaving Hoboken411, then when you’re ready to buy, you can click and be taken seamlessly to the Amazon website. It’s pretty slick, doesn’t cost you a cent more to purchase, and you’ll be helping 411 transparently via the commissions received.

There are a few readers that even bookmarked the link and were using it all year! Thanks!

Another meaningful and easy way to help support the cause.

One more day of this shameless self-promoting birthday week left, then it’s off for some R&R!


happy-birthday-hoboken-411.jpgThroughout my life, I’ve never been one to “promote” my annual birthday. I’m typically casual and nonchalant about most things. Never needed or wanted the attention, as I always looked at it like “Every day, we’re just one day older than yesterday”.

However, this year it’ll be somewhat different!

Over a year and a half with the thinking cap fastened really (I mean REALLY) tight, I could use a little TLC from the folks that can recognize the astonishing amount of work that goes into this.

I’ve been running the Hoboken411 site (soup to nuts) for 19 straight months without a real break, and it’s honestly gone by in a blur. Months feel like weeks, and I often lose track of what day it is. Seeing that my birthday is this weekend, I’m going to try and relax for a few days.

Additionally, as you know, I’ve put a little “tip cup” on the side, and a few of you have contributed to the cause, and I thank you!

Today, I present to you with the “Hoboken411 Birthday Fund” Registry.

I’ve put a couple pages of items that may make 411’s life a bit easier, and help improve Hoboken411.com in general. Some office supplies, some much needed technology items, and even a cash fund that will help finance the server upgrades that will be required before the end of the year. A range of items are listed, from reams of paper to even new cameras and computers (for the “generous” types). It may be a shot in the dark, but for those that appreciate what Hoboken411 has done for our community, I’m sure you won’t mind reciprocating.

You can even buy Oscar a Halloween costume!

For those of you that might be offended and think this is shameless self-promotion, I apologize. I for one, think there is still kindness in our society, and look forward to being a valuable resource for our community for a long time to come. So Happy Birthday to me!

Ways to wish Hoboken411 Happy Birthday:

Thanks to everyone for their anticipated participation! Don’t forget to support the sponsors, either!

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Happy birthday 411, I’ll buy you a beer. FWIW, today is my birthday too.

Do I win anything?



Happy Birthday… and I bookmarked the amazon link last time it was up, is this the same link or should I update?


Bought you a drink (or a round, depending on where you drink) for your birthday. Aloha.