Reporter Roundup – 10/15/2007

And now, the latest in our series of reviews of the news in the Hoboken Reporter. This week we kick things off by doing a little math.

  • Pages this week (not including insert): 52
  • Pages covered 100% by Advertising: 26
  • Pages at least 50% covered by Advertising: 20

This means 46 of the 52 pages (almost 90%) in the Hoboken Reporter are dominated not by reporting, but by advertising! Maybe a more appropriate name would be the Hoboken Advertiser?


Left Cover Story: Inflatable Woman Bomb Scare

The big news this week is about a box marked 666 left on a bus. The Jersey City Bomb Squad was brought in to find an inflatable woman in the box. Now here is a story that takes on an issue that could change the course of Hoboken for years to come.

Right Cover Story: Funding the Fourth Ward Candidates

The Reporter waited until Round 3 to take a look at the ELEC reports from Dawn Zimmer and Chris Campos. In the process they take some shots at your humble host.

Read “beneath the cover” after the jump!

Page 2: Full Page Ad


Page 3: Automated Garage Update

Here the paper finally gets around to reporting what we told you in back on October 5th. In our Council Meeting Recap we wrote the city hopes to have the 916 Garden garage up to full capacity in early November, and will be sending people to Israel for training.

See the Cablevision newscast that features 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham (disclosure- I did his site too):

Page 4: The Briefs and a Big Check

The forum Monday on Church of the Holy Innocents and the Planning and Zoning Committee meeting on SW6 are noted here. There is also a picture of reps for Toll Brothers handing a donation check over to the YMCA.

Page 5: Stevens VP Appointed to NRAC

A Stevens Institute Vice-President has been appointed to the Naval Research Advisory Committee. NRAC meets four times a year to advise the Navy and Marine Corps. As long as the Reporter wants to talk disclosure, we should note a fact that was not disclosed here: the person who wrote this puff piece for the Military Industrial Complex is himself a Marine Reservist.

Page 6: Not much Between The Lines

Political gossip columnist Al Sullivan mentions the Mayor’s recent comment blaming the police for not doing enough about the homeless problem. The fourth ward race is noted after the jump on page 26, but there is no new info there. Sullivan also says Hudson Reporter columnist Matty Amato wants people to know he is not related to former Fourth Ward Councilman Andrew Amato, known for his expertise with absentee ballots.

Page 7: More briefs: Hoboken in Secaucus

The Kiwanis club of Secaucus is holding a “Salute to Hoboken” trivia night in Secaucus. Dawn Zimmer’s Flood Forum is noted, along with the awarding of a “Gold Seal” for Hoboken University Medical Center.

Page 13: “Personal Finance” or paid ads?

money-pile.JPGNow, this has been bothering me (and others I know) for a while, but this seems as good a time as any to bring it up. Nowhere on this page does the Reporter disclose that the “Personal Finance News Stories” are really paid advertisements.

The top stories on this page are faithfully reprinted press releases and huge pictures promoting Coldwell Banker real estate agents designed to look like real news. The story at the bottom of the page is a paid ad for an eBay knockoff called “Zippi”. This page is just a bunch of ads parading as news stories.

Pages 59: Letters to the Editor

No letter from Dawn Zimmer this week, so her streak ends at four!

  • The lead letter comes from Mayor Roberts about the Fall Arts and Music Festival. No mention here of the greasy sludge many vendors poured into the drains, which was in sharp contrast to the environmental “Green Street” set up at the event by the Quality of Life Coalition.
  • Chris Campos writes a letter attacking Dawn Zimmer for drawing attention to “fecal fruit” in the Fourth Ward.
  • Members of Hoboken Heritage address the ongoing debate over the development plan for Church of the Holy Innocents proposed by the All Saints Episcopal Parish, and invite people to discuss the issue at a Monday night meeting at City Hall.
  • John Koppisch takes aim at the Open Space Tax that will be on the ballot November 6, and is the latest to write “if folks want to be surrounded by expansive green lawns, they need to move back to the ‘burbs”
  • Brian Jennings writes a brief but effective letter for Dawn Zimmer.
  • If you only read one letter this week, read Mark Heyer’s. The Reporter sticks it at the end of the page, perhaps because it recounts a very important meeting on the Southwest Redevelopment Zone they didn’t bother to send a reporter to cover.

You can read all about that meeting here on Hoboken411. Hmmm… maybe that’s why the people at the Hoboken Advertiser like me so much.

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