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hoboken411-wears-many-hats-in-hoboken-sm.jpgJust to give you guys a heads up, Michael Mullins, lead reporter from the Hoboken Reporter called me yesterday afternoon, because he’s writing a story about the ELEC reports from the 4th Ward Election. Not sure what the gist of the story will be, but Hoboken411 might be mentioned.

As many of you probably already know, my name had been on Dawn Zimmer’s ELEC reports since the first election in May because I was hired to design her website/blog. Since Hoboken411 started in April of 2006, I’ve done many other website development jobs on the side, fully independent of Hoboken411 (in and outside of Hoboken). Dawn and her campaign manager had approached me because they needed a website in a hurry. I obliged, and made clear that it will not influence what posts are made on Hoboken411. Two separate and independent business entities.

After developing Dawn Zimmer’s site, Peter Cunningham approached me as well, but initially changed his mind because I was the contributor to Hoboken411. However, as his initial web guy turned out to be a bust, he called me back and offered me the job. I even designed the Kids First website for the Board of Education candidates. FYI, in case you want my help, I’m presently not accepting new jobs until I can get the help I need to run 411. It was hard to juggle 411 and administer / develop sites for others, and I’ve turned down multiple offers already this year.

hoboken411-juggles-a-lot-jpg-hoboken.jpgMore importantly, creating those other sites in no way affected what was published on 411. Heck, if Chris Campos wanted a site too, I’d treat his site exactly the way I did Dawn’s. Again, separate entities.

Specifically to Hoboken411: In addition to having an entry for each council candidate, I wrote here on multiple occasions that ALL candidates were more than welcome to submit press releases, sign up to comment, and publicize whatever they wanted to make public. Only certain candidates understood that and recognized the reach of Hoboken411, but the door was (and is) always open.

Hoboken411 as an entity, is supported by advertisers, like any magazine, newspaper or public TV show. Various Hoboken groups have chosen to advertise in the past. Tom Foley, Scott Delea, Peter Cunningham, Dawn Zimmer, Kids First, Southwest Parks, the Candidates Forums and Sunshine Week 2007 have all advertised on Hoboken411. You can also look at all candidates ELEC reports to see how much money each candidate paid the Hoboken Reporter as well.

Hoboken411 has also published every press release received. From Mayor Roberts, Chris Campos, Theresa Castellano, Michael Russo, William Noonan, Richard Tremitiedi, and many more. This, on top of every single video interview that was shown on Cablevision. Also, I recently interviewed both Campos and Zimmer after the election re-do was announced.

I’ve even published reader complaints towards Dawn Zimmer. Hoboken411 works independently outside of anyone’s political interest. Some people choose to provide me with information, and others don’t.

The bottom line is, does it matter that I have many talents? If I have a skill set that people are willing to pay me for, then that makes me quite happy. I’m a DJ too! (But I don’t do weddings anymore!).

Not sure how the Reporter is going to spin this article, but you heard the truth here first. Let’s see what they have to say. Maybe it won’t contain any pot-shots.

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Happy birthday Hoboken411. Keep sticking it to the man. :mrgreen:


meant to say “OUGHT TO rid itself of”


hey 411 – you can stop defending yourself against the “Reporter” style “journalism” and get well dserved sleep. Anyone who has ever looked at this board knows it was a lame attempt to malign you and this site that was probably motivated by the very people this town rid itself of. I looked at the Campos ELEC reports and was shocked to see Cory Booker’s contribution – I would think he would know better… We’ve still got work to do so everyone on this board please remember to GET THE VOTE OUT in November or just 3 weeks from now we’ll all be scratching our heads talking about the “Good Old Days” when Zimmer rep’d the 4th ward – ALL THREE MONTHS OF IT – from July – Sept 07…


I’ve monitored blogs before. I did my share of peremptory deletes.

An intentionally inflammatory post might not provoke a delete if the person were articulate and seemed prepared to work his/her way through the flack. Some just weren’t up to it or had the profile of an arsonists. Start the flame and sit to the side and watch it burn.

Sometimes the overall level of heat would make me bounce a post that would just make matters worse. I might allow it at a different time, but not when it was entered.

There’s other scenarios. You don’t have all day for every decision.


[quote comment=”48499″]Disappointing to here about the lack of disclosure by Hoboken411. I remeber several months ago when it was also discovered that 411 deletes some peoples posts. Overall I like the site, but it is clearly biased. 411 if you are going to bash everyone else you have to be willing to take a little on the chin also.[/quote]

Sure he deletes some user’s comments, but as with ANY blog forum, there are rules. I have seen plenty of posts from opposing views that get here on the site, so I don’t know how valid that claim is.

There has to be SOME semblance of order, otherwise your site gets bogged down by people who just want to be abusive and disruptive, then what’s the point of having a blog in the first place. You have to manage the trolls.