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Vagabondia Vintage concludes Hoboken pop-up store

If you make it out after our impending Blizzard in Hoboken – why not swing by Vagabondia Vintage at 1028 Washington Street?

The pop up vintage clothing store which emerged during the Holiday 2012 season is wrapping up for good. Their last day is Sunday, February 10th – and they’re offering a 25% discount on everything in the store. You can continue shopping with them either online or at their flea market operations.

Vagabondia Vintage Last Day Hoboken NJ - Vagabondia Vintage

New Hoboken Pop-up: Vagabondia Vintage


Taking the place of the defunct jewelry store, The Stone Hut at 1028 Washington Street – is Vagabondia Vintage.

Opening December 7th – this store which sells “vintage clothing, accessories and handmade gifts” (for both men and women), is just a “pop up” store, and only signed a one month lease – and will be gone soon after Christmas.

Owner Sylvia Karcz has been running her online boutique for a while, and says “I am an obstinate believer that fashion should be about discovery,” and that it’s about “stumbling upon something that perfectly exemplifies your character in the most unexpected places.”

After her popup store is done, she’s exploring the option of a “mobile boutique” come spring of 2013.

You can visit her online here:

Vagabondia Vintage Hoboken NJ Christmas Pop Up Store 1028 Washington Street - Vagabondia Vintage

Description: Vintage Clothing pop up store – Christmas 2012.
Address: 1028 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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