13th & Park still vacant!

1300 Park still vacant {after all these years}

Jeez, it’s been nearly five years since our last update for 1300 Park Avenue, and it still remains vacant.

Is this such a bad spot that no tenant in their right mind would take it? Or is the property owner just asking too much?

Regardless of the case – year after year with no rental income adds up!

1300 park still for rent hoboken nj

See previous “musical tenants” updates below…

No official takers yet for 1300 Park Avenue

10/1/2010 Update:

Boy this location at 13th and Park cannot seem to land a tenant. Over a year has passed since the last update – when it was supposedly becoming a Day Care facility (and before that some fancy restaurant).

Perhaps the only business that might survive there is a store that sold “for rent” signs?

13th and Park still for rent in Hoboken NJ

Day care is the new black

6/29/2009 Update:

Word on the street is that the 1300 Park Location (formerly Tonic Bar/Lounge) – and previously supposed to be a “Boutique Bistro” – is now slated to become a child day care center. Gotta give the owners credit – you need to cater to what your potential customers want!


3/23/2009 Update:
Below is a current photo of the old Tonic Bar location at 1300 Park. As you’ll see in the previous update a couple months ago (after the jump), the building owners noted a “Boutique Bistro” as one of the “amenities” of this building.

This “Space available for rent” sign leads me to believe either that they just wanted a boutique bistro to come there – or the original tenant said “no way.”

What do you think the deal is?


1/27/2009 Update:


13th and Park Update

Here the latest for the old Tonic location at 13th and Park.

Construction is progressing, and they now have a giant banner reading 1300ParkAve.com draped on the side of the building. If you peruse the brief website, you’ll see floor plans, a description and an area map.

Listed as an amenity is the “Boutique Bistro” which will occupy the ground floor. What do you think they mean by Boutique? Expensive? Unique? Tasty?


9/3/2008 Update:
Work is finally progressing on the old Tonic. Anyone hear what the new name will be?


5/21/2007 Update:
Not sure when or if this closing is “official”, but it’s been overheard that they are converting to a high end Italian eatery (tapas style like Lola’s) in conjunction with the owners of Frankie and Johnnie’s. This is great news for the neighbors! They may have a well used 8 billion watt sound system for sale on eBay soon.

5/4/2007 Update:

Word on the street is that Tonic is now closed. Apparently the owners want to convert the building to condos eventually.

Description – Bar & Lounge
Services – Private parties available
Website – www.tonicbarandlounge.com
Address – 1300 Park Ave, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone – (201) 653-2583

tonic bar.JPG

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Friday, September 25, 2015 3:58 pm

Zoning is part of the issue. If they want to have a restaurant here they need two variances. First they need a variance because they do not have off street parking as required by code. Second they are north of 4th street and the area north of 4th street is not zoned for restaurants. Variance costs about $100k in legal (you pay for the ciy’s lawyer as well as your own) and needs about 18 months. Nobody wants to start paying rent, shell out $100k for legal and then move in 18 months later.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010 1:25 pm

That was Jugoviches,spelling??, in the 50’s, a old friends father owned it. At that time liquor salesmen would take athletes around with then to shake hands and buy a few rounds. We would go there and meet them, the only one I remember was James J Braddock. That location had a gin mill there forever. As kids we would get glasses of good old fashion birch beer from joey’s father.

Monday, June 29, 2009 4:48 pm

I was in this place years ago, it’s not that big. How many kids can they possibly take? Once you add a few highchairs, cribs, toys and various other baby gear,there’s not much room left.

Monday, June 29, 2009 3:33 pm

Hopefully, everyone will be mindful of the traffic hazards to life and limb.

Monday, June 29, 2009 2:43 pm

Judging by the number of strollers at the daycare we use and the number of parents I see picking up their kids with a car, I think the majority of parents will push the child in SUV type strollers.

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