Predictive Programming

Are you aware of the external influences around you?

TV is mind control - Predictive ProgrammingSince it’s Friday – and most of the Hurricane Sandy aftermath has winded down, here’s something off the beaten path that would interest some of you (that have woken up).

As some of you may know – I’ve essentially been TV-free for coming on about 500 days now. Incredibly liberating to the mind. Additionally, I’ve kept my “passive entertainment” to as low a minimum as possible. An occasional movie, but far and few between.

When you “unplug” from this medium, the world looks very different – and you begin to see the effects on people who’ve been exposed to the continual messages. That said, here’s a brief video about Predictive Programming from alternative media personality Alan Watt (Cutting through the matrix)

“The people who work in Hollywood are masters at their craft and we have to give them credit for what they do. Not only do they create some amazing movies that keep us entertained, they are also able to use those movies to imprint certain messages in our mind, and without most people being aware of it. Predictive programming isn’t always a negative thing, as it can be used for positive effects as well. It’s a bit like electricity in that regard. Electricity can cook your food but it can also cook YOU if you’re not careful. I have no objection to Hollywood or to the people who are employed there. But we should all be aware of how our mind can be programmed if we allow it to be.”

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Saturday, December 1, 2012 12:24 pm

I wish I had those 10 minutes of my life back.

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