Maxwell Place dogs


Here we have these lovely dog-cutouts that were recently installed at Maxwell Place park, I guess to deter geese from making a deposit in the “Bank of Hoboken”.

What other fun cutouts could Hoboken use?

I can think of a few:

  • “Walking police patrolman cutouts” on Washington Street – Deter double parkers (doesn’t work for all)
  • “Developer with wad of cash cutout” (anywhere) – weed out corrupt city officials
  • “Al Arezzo cutout” – prevent people from doing renovations without proper permits


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Those dog cut outs at Maxwell Ploace have done a very good job of keeping contamination from geese waste out of the park. However they seem to have been replaced by dogs whose owners walk them on the grass. Why do they completely ignore the dog runs and let their dogs go on the same grass that our children play on? I urge everyone who uses that park to remind dog walkers that there are no dogs allowed on the grass.


Love the picture of Oscar checking out the cutout while the other dog is oblivious. You’ve got a live one there.

Maybe they can install a set of cutouts of a baseball team on the field that was supposed to be for baseball.


I find it funny that this got its own thread instead of being here:

It’ll give the residents more to complain about, I guess.