Hoboken Peppery Steps


Here’s some wacky Friday fun.

Near the corner of 10th & Garden, this resident chooses to “decorate” their front steps with gobs of red pepper flakes. What a waste! They belong on pizza, not on steps.

I’m writing this at 5 in the morning, and my two lame Google searches didn’t turn anything up. Is it to deter dogs? Pests? Bills? Vampire rodents? My dog was un-phased by the pepper, because he hangs out with me a lot, and I’m hot!

Anyone have any answers?

hoboken pepper steps sept 21 2007 - Hoboken Peppery Steps

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probably an animal deterrant. I wonder if the owner of the property walks around with a string of garlic around his/her neck as well. Gotta love old Hoboken!


that’s where I dropped my pepper…thanks for letting me know


Red pepper flakes are usually used to keep squirrels away. I used it in my flower boxes on my balcony but it didn’t work too well. The only thing that did work was putting pinwheels in the flower boxes. The movement keeps the squirrels away and my flowers finally had a chance to grow.


There appears to be some sort of liquid stain that looks alot like urine stains that have been repeatedly ‘watered’ over time as seen in the visible layering of older stains at this spot flanked by a 2 balusters right and left (which also have some sort of urine stains). If this is true, then that has to stink.

I have to agree with post #1, but instead of brownies, let’s substitute with lemon-aid.

So, it would seem that the pepper flakes are put there there to change the scent as a territory marker. Now the only dog that’ll wee wee here would be one whose stuff smells a lot like pizza.


i think it keeps squirrels away… but usually you would do that in a garden… 🙄