House of Que

Top notch BBQ at House of Que in Hoboken NJ

Soon to be “legendary” House of Que in Hoboken is now fully open. Check out some photos from their soft opening a couple days ago – and prepare your digestive system for what is some of the best BBQ Hoboken has ever seen. (Just be patient as they work out their kinks like every new restaurant experiences!)


The wait is over: House of Que in Hoboken NJ open!


Okay, those looking for the best BBQ on the east coast can stuff themselves to the gills tonight! House of Que will be open to the public starting around 8:30pm!

The place looks awesome inside – with a MUCH better ambiance compared to the previous tenant (340 Grill).

We predict it’ll be on many residents and visitors short list of top Hoboken restaurant spots (except for the people who are too “earthy” and like eating grass clippings and soy milk).

Here are a few shots from yesterday as the scrambled to make last minute adjustments and began stocking the place up:

Description: Authentic BBQ bar & restaurant
Address: 340 Sinatra Drive, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-706-8755

House of Que now open Hoboken NJ - House of Que

House of Que Hoboken blazing along

11/13/2015 Update:

After a long period of stagnation with the build-out of House of Que in Hoboken, they really hit the ground running the past few weeks – and hope to open soon!

FYI – we’ve almost abandoned “eating out” recently, because the food we prepare at home is profoundly better, and less costly. However…

Slow-cooked BBQ is something that we’ll never have a problem eating out – purely because of the amount of effort it takes to make a great BBQ dish. So House of Que will be on our very short list of places to frequent in Hoboken. Can’t wait!

(PS – nice old-school weathered awnings.. good touch!)

House of Que hoboken NJ weathered awnings - House of Que

House of ‘Que (still en route in Hoboken!)

9/3/2015 Update:

Quick update here. Many Hoboken “foodies” thought that the lack of activity at the much-anticipated House of ‘Que at 4th & Sinatra meant they were “done.”

Not the case, as far as we’re concerned – after we spoke to the owners.

  1. It took over SEVEN months for them to get the proper permits to what amounts to a cookie-cutter basic restaurant layout. “Hooray” for Hoboken for making it 10x more difficult than it needs to be.
  2. Regardless – the crew that owns House of ‘Que – also owns Spa Diner now – so a lot of their effort was NOT being wasted. Good job, guys!

They still hope to open this fall – maybe latest before end of year.

We’ll keep tabs on this and much more.

House of que hoboken NJ - House of Que

(Reborn!) Coming soon to Hoboken, NJ: House of ‘Que (BBQ)

11/7/2014 Update:

Two years ago, the owners of Village Pourhouse and Little Town NJ wanted to bring their next original restaurant concept to Hoboken – House of ‘Que. That was supposed to happen in the SkyClub, but plans fell through (it’s now Brassiere De Paris).

For a while there, it seemed off the table. But we’re in luck!

Now that 3 Forty Grill is gone – they’ve decided to take over that space and will be open as House of ‘Que come spring 2015.

Yum. Tasty fall-off-the-bone BBQ and great NYC views. Can’t wait!

House of Que BBQ Hoboken NJ 340 Grill - House of Que

House of ‘Que – Hoboken, NJ



Here’s some good news – and perhaps a tenant that will finally have staying power over at The Skyclub building in the SW corner of Hoboken.

After West End Station lasted only a few months, and Sammy’s Roadhouse not much longer, the talented and successful crew of Village Pourhouse and the upcoming Little Town New Jersey are taking a crack at putting a “go to” Hoboken restaurant in this space.

House of ‘Que aims to be the best Barbecue you’ll ever have. And from what I’m hearing about the effort the owners are putting into this endeavor – you will not be disappointed. Cannot wait! Let’s hope their quality is enough to get people flocking to this corner of town.

More to come as we get closer to opening! (mouth watering…)

House of Cue coming soon to Hoboken NJ - House of Que

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015 11:59 pm

Our new favorite restaurant in Hoboken by far. We may have to move to 333 River just for that sake. Bravo!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015 12:55 pm

I just eat there and the food is really good. A lot better than I expected. Ribs and Brisket are awesome. Burnt End Chili is sick.

Saturday, November 14, 2015 10:10 am

I’ll be there!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 11:56 pm

This is a prime waterfront location, so there is a lot at stake for the new owners here. I hope for two things: some kick(butt) real Southern-style BBQ, and that the little Manzo boys aren’t involved with this one! They’ve got their little playground over @ Little Town – hopefully this place is truly focused on the food and not reality TV wannabes! 😉

Monday, November 10, 2014 8:39 am

I hope it is not “fall off the bone” since that usually means your BBQ is overcooked — at least for ribs.

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