Zimmer exhausted after excess photo ops?

Letter: Hoboken still struggles after Sandy; Zimmer needs vacation

Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer left town yesterday, and this is what one local resident has to say about it:

“You would never know that Hoboken has 130 homes without electricity and heat, and that thousands of people suffered major damage and losses to their homes after Hurricane Sandy.

And don’t forget that many people have homes that are uninhabitable now because of the destruction and mold. And so many are not getting reimbursed from their insurance companies or FEMA, they are stuck in red tape limbo.”

“You would never know that we have people in need in this town because our ignorant Mayor is on vacation instead of doing anything of value for the people of Hoboken.

Um….maybe she should have spent the day serving food at the Hoboken Shelter or some other way of serving the public. Anything to put the “Public” back in Public Service. Oh, wait a minute, I think Hoboken has a Monarchy, correct?

But, hey, I guess everyone needs to buck up and be inspired by Dawn Zimmer and everything she has. This is a woman who makes sure that she doesn’t go without.

I guess she really needs a vacation after working so hard on all those photo ops over the last three weeks! It’s hard to keep a white coat pristine – no sewage stains for Princess Dawn!

Not to mention Dawn calls for a city-wide cleanup and to shop locally on Saturday when she’s conveniently out of town?

So she’s asking others to do the hard work because she can’t get her white coat dirty? And you can be sure she will be shopping locally in Swampscott, MA, helping their economy because she sure isn’t doing jack for Hoboken.

Don’t our property tax dollars pay city workers to do the clean-up? Zimmer is even asking residents to clean the streets! It would appear that our tax dollars are paying for the Mayor’s and city workers’ vacations while the Hoboken citizens deal with the mess.

I take it all back! Hoboken is so fortunate to have a Mayor that can (impersonally) face the hurricane ravaged town and say “Screw all of you! I’m going on vacation!”

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A true community leader would have had their family come to Hoboken for Thanksgiving weekend and joined the 100 volunteers who cleaned the city. Holier than thou Zimmer did not do that.