Black Friday is here

What do you think about Black Friday?

To many people, “Black Friday,” is a so-called “epic event,” where never before seen “deals” for crap no one needs become available.

But to educated individuals – it’s really just a social experiment that is almost embarrassing to watch. Folks lining up for hours, even days on end to get some kind of “savings” that will never again be seen on earth.

To us, it’s a racket we can see through from a mile away.

My thought before this day was simple: “Do I need ANYTHING at all today?” If that answer was no – then I certainly don’t “need” anything on Black Friday, just because of a perceived deal or savings.

Plus – when marketers start using terms like “doorbusters,” and the one-chromosome-short shoppers gobble it up and assume the *literally* need to bust the doors down, we got a problem…

Is black friday insanity worth the trouble - Black Friday is here

“Leaks” on Black Friday – what a con game!

For weeks leading up to this over-hyped day, coupon sites like Coupon Cabin steadily released “leaked” Black Friday deals and fliers.

What’s the deal with the up-trending use of the word “leaks” anyway?

Ever since Wikileaks made the phase super-popular, people probably assume that there’s something sneaky and nefarious about the term “leak,” and the unsuspecting readers of those coupon sites might actually believe that they’re not supposed to see those circulars, etc.

Well, I have news for you all – the big-retailers are playing you. It’s all part of the marketing campaign, and nothing sneaky about it. They just know how to build the hype for the suckers who will gladly open their wallets because of it.

Enjoy buying some junk made in China that is doomed to a future of planned obsolescence!

Leaked black friday deals target and walmart - Black Friday is here

Hoboken has some sales on Black Friday – of course!

Whether agreeing with this silly shopping phenomenon or not, most retailers across the spectrum almost HAVE to have a Black Friday sale – since it’s considered the day of they year that most businesses will go into the black. Here are just a few of the examples of stores in town offering sales, etc… this only scratches the surface of what’s available. Best bet is to go to a store that you actually *like* and assume they’re having some kind of discounted event.

I could go on – but like I said – just go to your favorite store and expect sales across the board, capeesh?

You really think an extra 5% or 10% will dictate whether you go shopping or not? I didn’t think so, so get off your lazy butts if you want to spend some money!

Shop locally in Hoboken NJ 2012 - Black Friday is here

Don’t want to shop, but still want to part with your money?

But if shopping isn’t your deal – there are some upcoming “charity” events where you can spend money and get nothing substantial in return except what you perceive as a good conscience.

There are many more – but you’ve already most likely been inundated by them and don’t need me to remind you.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Scenes like that freak me out. One of my phobias is getting crushed or trapped in a mob. How can anyone put themselves in situations like that?