City Baptist Church helps Hoboken

Letter: Hoboken thanks City Baptist Church

Most of you probably didn’t know that a new place of worship recently opened in the back of town called City Baptist Church (726 Jefferson St.)

One Hoboken resident wishes to say thanks – especially after how they helped the community after Hurricane Sandy.

“In the aftermath of Post Tropical Cyclone Sandy, the generosity and efforts of Hoboken’s residents and many businesses were tremendous and very much appreciated.

I’d like to mention in particular the City Baptist Church located at 726 Jefferson Street. They officially opened only 2-3 weeks before the storm after completing a total interior renovation of the model train store that was there previously. While suffering damages of their own, they were quick to provide a generator that supplied many charging stations, along with free food, water, coffee and tea for all until power was restored.

Thanks to Pastor Rizzo for helping out “back in back” and best of luck moving forward.”

City Baptist Church helped Hoboken community after Hurricane Sandy - City Baptist Church helps Hoboken

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Monday, November 19, 2012 4:43 pm

Amen to that!

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