Commute to NYC is not that hard!

Letter to Hoboken: Walking is not rocket science!

Since the PATH station downtown will remain closed for a while due to damage from Hurricane Sandy – many residents are griping about the painful commute to NYC. Whether it’s costlier ferries, or horrifically long trips on the buses, not everyone is happy.

But you ever thought of walking to Jersey City?

Hoboken411 reader Randolfe was thrilled to detail how easy it was…

Walking ain’t so bad – plus the view is nice!

“I just discovered that you can take the PATH “Jersey City train” to Newport, then walk home along the waterfront! Just exit at Newport, walk to 14th Street (where Staples is), then take the walkway around the water to the Hoboken train station.

I got on the 23rd St. stop last night around 8pm (trains stop running at 10pm so always check the schedule), arrived in Newport 20 minutes later. The walk home from there took about 40 minutes to 4th & Hudson. So, the total travel time was an hour – versus the usual 2 to 3 hours I spent other times using the bus. The PATH train was virtually empty when I got on at 23rd!

Hope your readers find this helpful.”

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“I got on the 23rd St. stop last night around 8pm…”

Try doing it at 6pm. It makes a train in Bangladesh look like a first class air cabin.


This was the first thing I thought of when the J.C. station reopened. People act like a little extra walking amounts to traversing the Sahara with a 100 lb. backpack.