Instant open space available in Hoboken

Hoboken has cheap, easy space ready to go – why not?

Been meaning to mention this for like, what seems like a decade already. Each time I walk by this city parking garage between River and Hudson Streets – I wonder why in God’s name is it fenced off, and why can’t it put to better use? And why has it been allowed to go to shambles, rickety fence and all?

Imagine how appreciative area residents would be if there was:

  • A great dog run – complete with benches on one side and…
  • A small playground, with swing sets and tables for parents to mingle on the other?

What exactly is the reason why these perfectly viable spots are not being utilized in this already overly populated city we live in? If the so-called answer is “because cars might come careening out of the poorly secured garage,” then we can easily rectify that with steel reinforcements within the structure.

Time for the city to think outside the box, and start making things happen intelligently.

Open space wasted in Hoboken NJ near parking garage - Instant open space available in Hoboken

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Monday, December 10, 2012 8:20 am

I have let my dog chase squirrels off her leash there, across the street from the police station, and have never had a problem with the guy from the Park’s Dept that goes around and enforces the dog ordinances. Also, the HPD didn’t seem to care, since I stood at the one end that is open on the corner of 2nd and Hudson and unfenced to make sure my dog didn’t end up in traffic. (Also, this was a small, non threatening dog.) Not sure, but I get the vibe the grassy area belongs to the parking garage and they aren’t interested in dealing with setting up tables or paying to remove trash or anything like that which would come along with making that grass strip a nice, public space. For now, it remains a great place to play with your dog on GRASS, which is banned in city parks. (No one has ever given me a hard time there but I bet if every dog owner in town goes and/or leaves poo behind somehow signs will pop up along with dog ordinance enforcement.)
I would contact the garage and see what they say about owning that grassy area. It doesn’t get mowed very often and I believe if it belonged to the city the grass would be cut more regularily.

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