Adopt a Hoboken Soldier


Starting tommorow at City Hall. JoAnne Perkins says:

“This program has been going on for some time now and we would like to get the Residents of Hoboken involved much as we can.

Throughout the year JoAnn Peluso and her staff of very few, work very hard to put items of necessity together and ship them over to our Hoboken Soldiers. Since all of the holidays are approaching very quickly, JoAnn collects candy, cookie, DVD’s etc… and each soldier receives a foot locker with goodies. She also collects necessities such as Toothpaste, dental floss, baby wipes, soap, and there is so much more they need.”

FYI, you can call Ms. Peluso at 201-618-3344 if you have any questions. There’ll be a few more of these as we get closer to the big holidays.


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