Reporter Roundup – 10/8/2007


From the looks of this week’s paper, the staff at the Hoboken Reporter must have been burning off vacation days. Several articles are taken from their sister publications in other towns. As always, we read every word so you don’t have to, and maybe point out some things you missed.

Hoboken Hoboken411 Hoboken Reporter crumpled

Left Cover Story: Western Edge Redevelopment

Here we get a recap of the debate over the $45,000 contract to plan for the Western Edge Redevelopment Area. Just before the 2005 Mayoral election, David Roberts and Tarragon/Ursa collaborated on the (largely unfulfilled) “Parks Initiative.” Since the Mayor and several members of the council have already agreed to support the developer’s high-rise plan for the four blocks in the zone, many wonder why it is necessary to pay a planner $45k just to copy the Mayor’s deal with the developer.

The Reporter points out what has often been said here: the “Community Center/Pool Complex” Tarragon/Ursa now says it will build in exchange for high rise condos in the Western Edge was originally promised in the deal to build in the Northwest Redevelopment Area. In fact, the proposed location of the long promised pool is not in the Western Edge, but in the Northwest Zone. The problem? The city apparently never got the promises in writing.

This is the only story the Reporter published from this week’s council meeting. Nothing on the looming budget troubles, or any of the other issues noted in our recap. If and when the budget issue blows up, remember where you heard about it first.

Right Cover Story: Dollar a year advisors

tremitiedi-closeup-ticket.jpgLooks like a chunk of this story got lost in the layout process. The Mayor is apparently looking to hire Maurice DeGennaro and Richard Tremitiedi as “dollar a year advisors” to the administration. You’ll recognize DeGennaro from his many appearances on Channel 78, often yelling at the council. A dollar a year is a small price to pay for the Mayor to get Mo off his case.

Of course you know ex-Fire Chief Tremitiedi for his double-parking prowess and losing the 2nd ward council seat to Beth Mason.

Council watchdog Helen Hirsch is quoted as saying she would be happy to be an advisor for 50 cents, but she didn’t think the Mayor would like what she had to say.

Read “beneath the cover” after the jump.

Page 3: Politicians plan Halloween events

hoboken-haunted-house.jpgHere we learn the Mayor is planning a Halloween trip to Great Adventure for some of the city’s kids. Meanwhile, the Russo’s are attempting to move their Haunted House from it’s traditional home at the Demarest School over to the Church of The Holy Innocents, which is at the center of a battle between preservationists and the All Saints Episcopal parish. If they succeed, it’ll be a great scary setting for the kids! The annual Rag-a-Muffin Parade was also noted in the Halloween events article.

Page 4: Calabro Re-opens, Museum Events

The Briefs begin here, with a picture of Schools Superintendent Jack Raslowsky cutting the ribbon for the newly renovated Calabro School. The Reporter also notes the Hoboken Historical Museum will be hosting a Garlic Festival and the annual Pet Parade.

Page 5: Police Beat

Was Police Officer Nick Burke off last week? No mention of him in the Police Briefs, although several other dedicated officers got credit for their crime busting this week. The first brief is about someone assaulted inside East L.A., the second about a drunken Hobokenite who got arrested after not paying a cabbie for a late night trip back from the city, and the third about a drug bust at – you’ll never guess, wait for it – 5th and Jackson.

Page 6: Not much Between The Lines

No mention of Hoboken in Al Sullivan’s political gossip column this week, but plenty on the ongoing war of the political machines between the HCDO and DFHC.

Page 8: New Gallery Opens

Mayor Roberts cuts a ribbon at the new Galerie Attienette on 14th street featuring the art of Leandro M. Velasco Pardo in the first exhibition. He also gives a proclamation to The Bongos in a picture on Page 17. (No wonder there is no city budget.)

See Cablevision report about the gallery:

Page 9: Mill Creek Mall battle

From the Secaucus Reporter we learn how Hartz Mountain is squeezing out small retail tenants at the Mill Creek Mall, and how they are fighting to keep their space.

Pages 10 and 58: More Alleged HCDO Corruption

HCDO Mayor of Guttenberg David Delle Donna and his Planning Board member wife turned themselves in to authorities very close to deadline of last week’s paper. This week the Reporter goes into great detail about the charges, including “diverting cash intended for campaign contributions” as well as the recent history of Hudson County corruption.

One resident told the Reporter, “We are getting a reputation as a corrupt town in a corrupt county.” Welcome to the club, Guttenberg! The paper also notes the Delle Donnas are the latest in a long line of ex-local officials charged by U.S. Attorney Chris Christie, including:

  • Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski
  • Hoboken Mayor Anthony Russo
  • North Bergen Township Administrator Joseph Auriemma
  • North Bergen Commissioner Peter Perez
  • North Bergen Utilities Authority agent Joseph Hernandez
  • Guttenberg Mayor Peter LaVilla, and the list goes on…

Page 12: Down on his luck in J.C.

From the Jersey City Reporter we get a long article about an HIV positive guy who lost his job and is having trouble making ends meet.

Pages 59: Letters to the Editor

Hoboken reporter letters to the editor hoboken411Back down to one page of letters this week. A few give me déjà vu.

  • The lead letter comes from the executive board of the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition. They appreciate the positive response to the SW6 Action Plan, and want people to know neither 4th ward candidate was involved in its creation.
  • Hoboken University Medical Center Vice President (and State Assemblywoman) Joan Quigley responds to last week’s letter from Philip Dieckow, who complained when an ambulance did NOT take him to their emergency room.
  • For the fourth week in a row the Reporter printed a letter from Dawn Zimmer. This one is about the importance of open space. Again, it has to be some kind of a record.
  • Debra Welch thanks Dawn Zimmer for securing funding for a kids trip to Dorney Park and helping kids from the Hoboken Housing Authority attend summer camp. Welch is an HHA resident who is urging others to vote for Zimmer.
  • Shane Nelson takes offense to the letters in last week’s paper from Marianne Camporeale and Barbie Roman in support of Chris Campos.
  • For the second week in a row Halley Wolowiec comments on the funding of Pier C Park, this time criticizing 3rd ward councilman Mike Russo for calling it “the most fiscally responsible project.”
  • Union City Mayor, Assemblyman, and future State Senator Brian Stack attacks President Bush for seeking to “exclude thousands of children from the state’s FamilyCare health insurance program.”

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[quote comment=”47422″]Governments have never and will never operate in a cost effective manner. Their idea of efficiency is to hire more, spend more, and tax more simply because they can. That is the system we have. The only hope for the taxpayer is to vote for the person they think will spend less, and when I say spend less that does not mean taxes will be reduced.[/quote]

True – but this government makes the Federal Government look efficient. They at least can pass a budget.


Channel 78 is pretty entertaining.. Between that Mo guy always yelling and being able to put a face on “ALL CAPS” Margaret.


Governments have never and will never operate in a cost effective manner. Their idea of efficiency is to hire more, spend more, and tax more simply because they can. That is the system we have. The only hope for the taxpayer is to vote for the person they think will spend less, and when I say spend less that does not mean taxes will be reduced.


No bet.

You should know by now that the city never does things in a cost effective manner, that doesn’t let their friends make any money 😉


Jesus! That case against Correa by NYSE makes clear that he is a self-interested fraudster! The facts of that case are terrible!