Hoboken EMS 2013 Fund Drive

Letter: Don’t forget the Hoboken EMS after Sandy

Hoboken411 reader Ariella is feeling the love for the Hoboken EMS – who responded to over 500 calls during Hurricane Sandy and in the days that followed:

“I don’t always open all the fliers and mass mailings I get, but this particular one interested me due to the fact that the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps did such a great job responding during and in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Just in case other readers threw it away by accident or didn’t give donating a second thought, could you let readers know that they are having a fund drive? Like myself, unless reminded of the importance, some might choose not to donate to a volunteer corps in town that saves our lives everyday! This year I’m sure they could use all the help they can get, though! Thanks,


Hoboken EMS 2013 Fund Drive - Hoboken EMS 2013 Fund Drive

Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps needs your help after Sandy!

11/20/2012 Update:

The Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps wants everyone to know about the damage they, too, endured during Hurricane Sandy. And a good amount of what they lost may not be covered by the government or their own insurance. They encourage you to donate to what is considered the first line of defense for your well being 365 days a year in Hoboken…

Hoboken EMS Donations needed after Hurricane Sandy - Hoboken EMS 2013 Fund Drive

Financial and Volunteer help needed by Hoboken EMS

Read what HVAC member John Mercun has to say to you all:

“In short, we (like much of New Jersey) are in recovery.

We lost four vehicles (two of which were ambulances), a large amount of equipment and sustained heavy damage to the bay of our building. While insurance will help us recoup some of our losses, the cost of replacing everything is far greater than what we are getting back.

Therefore, we are asking for anything that people can give to help us get back on our feet. Our first priority is replacing the two ambulances that were lost; neighboring agencies have helped us out by loaning us ambulances but this is only a temporary solution. Any help that residents and business can give to us would be greatly appreciated.

In addition, we are looking for new members and you don’t have to be an EMT to join. We need members to assist in fundraising. Anyone who has experience in fundraising, sales, graphic design, or someone who just wants to volunteer in their community to should email Dan Loeb at dloeb@hobokenems.com.


Good Luck, Hoboken EMS!

Volunteer Ambulance Corps trucks in Hoboken damaged during Sandy

11/12/2012 Update:

Spoke with some Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps members yesterday as we witnessed their Special Operations rig getting tended to in front of their headquarters on Clinton Street.

They also suffered during Hurricane Sandy… two of their ambulances were destroyed, the rig below and their communication system was knocked out.

Luckily, neighboring towns are letting them borrow some vehicles to use while they get back on their feet. They’ve also applied for FEMA assistance as well.

Don’t forget these guys the next time they have a fundraiser!

Hoboken EMS suffers damages after Hurricane Sandy - Hoboken EMS 2013 Fund Drive

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012 1:48 pm

Wholeheartedly believe in this organization and will contribute to their fund drive.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 5:30 pm

Quick story. During the storm on Monday night the Hoboken Fire Department’s communications went down. It was two volunteers from Hoboken EMS and the Hoboken CERT team that climbed 14 stories of the Howe Center at Stevens to repair the radio repeater on the roof in 80 mph winds… It’s volunteers like these that saved lives during the storm!

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