More badly run buildings in Hoboken

Some Hoboken managment companies not up to the task?

After Hurricane Sandy – we’re starting to see that some managed properties in Hoboken are starting to anger residents. First we heard about 1000 Jefferson, then 800 Madison – now a property at 5th & Willow (run by Waterfront Management) – that is STILL WITHOUT POWER!

Here’s what one resident said…

Still no power at 5th & Willow in Hoboken, NJ

“I recently saw a post on Hoboken411 regarding 2 examples of poorly run buildings in Hoboken, as a result of Sandy, I would like to tell you my story on behalf of myself, and other tenants in my building. I am wondering if anyone has experienced something similar.

My apartment on 5th and Willow has been without power since Sandy’s arrival on Monday 10/29. On Thursday, 11/1, power was restored to our block. However our building remained without heat/hot water/electricity. I was under the impression PSEG was working on restoring power to our building as we were the ONLY building on the block without power at that point.

The following Monday (11/5) I coincidently ran into PSEG entering my apartment as I was leaving. I asked when we could expect power to be restored at which time they explained to me that my basement had flooded and all the fuse boxes, electrical meters, and boilers needed to be replaced and that they couldn’t do anything until I contacted my management company. I was completely blindsided and furious to learn that this whole time, it was the management company’s responsibility to take action on this situation. The tenants in the building were never informed of this and there was zero communication on the status of our building provided by the management company. Also, when the power went out, the smoke detectors in the hallway were taken down to silence the beeping the battery backups (which were bad batteries), were making. In addition, the staircases were pitch black, and there were elderly tenants in the building who had not been able to leave their apartments due to the visibility.

Fast forward to today (12 days after we initially lost power), and our building is still uninhabitable. Due to the cold weather, disabled smoke detectors, poor staircase visibility, lack of heat, power and/or hot water, most tenants have been forced to leave their homes and stay with friends.

We have continuously been given the run around by the management company as to when power will be restored. It seems every day we hear the same responses: “we are working on it,” “hopefully power will be back today,” “we have no time frame when it can be expected to be restored,” as well as conflicting stories between the maintenance staff and the property manager. Over the past 4 days, I have contacted the health department, chief housing inspector, mayor’s office, fire marshal, and rent regulation office to file complaints and see what can be done due to negligence on the management company’s part, as well as expedite the restoration of power. City hall and all of the above mentioned contacts have been nothing but helpful and quick to respond. However we are still back at square one. It has been 12 days now of us having to find friends to stay with, living out of bags, finding places to shower, and meals to eat.

I understand many people have it worse, but here in the Mile Square you would think apartments owned and operated by management companies would be a little more diligent in matters such as these. We are feeling very helpless and frustrated In this situation. We have begun to feel as if there is no one else to reach out to and nothing else we can do. Has anyone else felt this way due to Sandy? Does anyone have any other suggestions for us? I think it’s safe to say my building was a LOSER after Hurricane Sandy… she wins!”

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I can certainly empathize. Half of my building (The Citadel at 450 7th Street) regained power on Sunday, the other half is still in the dark and in the cold. There are apparently two power breakers in the basement and the lower of the 2 was destroyed. Therefore all the units powered by the damaged breaker are out of luck. Supposedly, they are working on temporary power sharing to go into effect on Monday, but we will be limited on the power (no microwaves, stoves, or ovens can be run–they haven’t mentioned if we can run the heaters). Even more frustrating than being without power for 14 days is being in the dark with the information. The management company has been emailing a few lucky people with updates, but those were the hadful of unit owners who provided their email addresses for condo fee invoices. Everyone else was only able to hear by word-of-mouth. Today was the first day I saw messages posted on the walls and I have to wonder why they weren’t able to do this sooner. The most frustrating thing is to not know what’s going on and to have no information as to when things might get better.


I live in this building (525 and 527 Willow) and Waterfront Management has been TERRIBLE throughout the process. I have had to stick it out at my place and have been freezing all week. I understand not having power when everyone else is without, but why should we have to go any longer than that? Can we seek compensation of some sort for this?

To add to this story, our basement was flooded with 6 feet of water (just like a lot of other buildings) and our management company never came out and pumped it! If it weren’t for our basement being connected to another basement next door our basement never would have been pumped. What scumbags!