Powerocks Magicstick Giveaway

Photo contest: Win a free Powerocks Magicstick!

Powerrocks Super MagicStick 2600 - Powerocks Magicstick GiveawayWe recently shared some easy ways to have backup power for your cell phones in case of emergency.

And my inspirational quote last week was “To be prepared is half the victory.”

That said – many people were NOT prepared, and suffered downtime on their smartphones, tablets and other communication devices.

As a result – residents who were left with power began sharing their electricity with those on the down and out. Charging stations, along with coffee and other food (and booze in many locations!) helped Hobokenites make it through Hurricane Sandy and still maintain their connection to the Matrix.

So I have arranged a mini photo contest / giveaway in honor of this essentially unprecedented phenomenon that accompanied the long-term widespread power outage.

How do I win a backup charger?

What: I have one Powerocks Super Magicstick Universal Extended Battery to give away (courtesy of Verizon Wireless at 507 Washington Street). A $40 value, this compact battery provides about two or three full charges for most devices, and charges up through your USB port. It has a handy color status button that gives you approximate charge left on it.

How: Submit your best photo of people charging their phones in Hoboken after the hurricane to: hoboken411@gmail.com – and I’ll pick the best one and award the prize. In the case where I cannot pick (I’m a Libra – often undecided about stuff) – I’ll utilize a random drawing to determine the winner. Pics must be received by the end of Friday, November 9th. You might get bonus points if you add a blurb about the scene – and what you thought about Hoboken after the storm.

Good luck!

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