Stereo equipment scams

10/10/2007 Update:

The Police are on full alert to keep an eye out for the stereo scammers, as it was mentioned again in yesterday’s police role call.

Just this past weekend, another reader saw these guys hard at work near the PATH station:

“Hi 411,

Just wanted to pass along some info. I was coming out of the PATH at about 2 this afternoon & lo and behold, a guy trying to sell a “surround sound system” was hanging out by his blue mini van in front of the PATH entrance. I had to laugh because it was sooo obvious this is the same scam you reported on just yesterday.
Since the police station was on my way home, I stopped in & described the situation to the two officers working the front desk, who in turn called it in. It sounded like the police were briefed on this guy just this morning. I don’t know what the final outcome was, just hope they were able to catch the guys, or at least run them out of town.

Thanks for keeping the local info flowing!”


Ever been approached by two guys in a van, claiming to have “extra” stereo equipment or speakers? Saying they’ll sell them to you “cheap”? They’re usually dressed respectably, and have some kind of invoice or paperwork trying to make it look legit.

I’ve seen these guys up around 8th St. before, and today, they were near the Wiley building trying the same scam out of their older model maroon Astro Van. An astute Wiley employee looked up the stereo brand on the internet and discovered it was a scam, similar to what this guy writes about The Great International White Van Speaker Scam.

In 2004, Brett had written:

“An interesting scam has resurfaced in the last few years, taking the world by storm. It is at least a decade old scam, remarkably well organized, bordering on mafia-like proportions. There are many slight variations, but the scam is mostly the same- two guys, in a white truck (hence the name) approach you in a mall or store parking lot. Perhaps at a stop light, or they wave at you frantically as you drive down the highway. “Hey buddy, wanna buy a set of speakers?” Sounds absurd, but all manner of people fall for it all across the world.”

I say, let them sell the stuff. It’s a Darwinian way of weeding out those that deserve to be parted from their money.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is”

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[quote comment=”47667″]if you pay top dollar expecting bose quality then ur a fool who needed to learn this lesson[/quote]

Actually, if you think Bose are “quality” then your problems start there.


in college my roommates and i went in on one of these offerings, seeing as how none of us were willing to donate our setup to a room which every fri/sat/sun morning looked like a bomb hit, paid like $200 maybe for stereo/cd player and 3′ tall speakers, suited our purposes fine for 2 + years

im not sure i follow how everyone is labeling this a scam, you should know what your getting so pay accordingly, if you pay top dollar expecting bose quality then ur a fool who needed to learn this lesson


[quote comment=”47192″]My bad…. the ones I bought are not Van Stereo brand.[/quote]


Am I the only one here who…

…nah, forget it.


My bad…. the ones I bought are not Van Stereo brand.