Why isn’t Minutillo on the ballot today?

Minutillo sued five times; Did she even bother to show for court?

Back in August, many were surprised when incumbent Hoboken Board of Education member Theresa Minutillo announced that she would not seek reelection to the BoE despite filing nominating petitions to run and actually announcing her candidacy. Minutillo was once considered to be the strongest candidate on the “Kids First” reformer slate.

A cookie-cutter reason for withdrawing from the BOE race was provided. It was something along the lines of “wanting more time to attend to personal and business matters,” but was quite vague. However, it appears Minutillo had legal matters to deal with… numerous legal matters.

Legal Problems for Kids First Theresa Minutillo in Hoboken NJ - Why isn't Minutillo on the ballot today?

Were Kids First really fiscally responsible?

Court documents show that Minutillo was sued by at least five creditors for thousands of dollars she allegedly owes them. Default judgments were entered in these matters, which typically occurs when a defendant does not respond to the lawsuit. Did Minutillo simply not show for court?

The Kids First slate made fiscal responsibility a large part of its re-election campaign. Whether Minutillo’s legal issues posed too great of a risk to the campaign and she was kicked to the curb, nobody knows.

But even if she had run and weathered the storm, would Minutillo’s presence on the Kids First slate have off-set the bad publicity from The Wall Street Journal ranking Hoboken’s School District the least desirable in the nation?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 7:53 am

LMAO. Minutillo couldn’t even keep her own house in order and was trusted with fiscal responsibilty with the monies for our children. Her support of the KIDS FIRST POLICY was a disaster and State results prove it. MOVE FORWARD HOBOKEN must step up to the plate and are listed as N, O and P on the BOE ballot.

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