Hoboken Week in Review – 10/7/2007

tomato-plants-in-hoboken.jpgWelcome new registered readers this week!

A great unseasonably warm week in the books, with cooler weather around the corner later this week. Thank god! I want my PSE&G bill to level off finally!

Odd tomato plants, the Mayor and the cops, council meetings and much more happened.

Please feel free to send tips, rants, comments, drinks and suggestions to: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

What wacky items were covered in the past week? Here’s a sampling:

News, items of importance & “Hot Topics”:

  • AA Meeting – Construction Code official Al Arezzo explains a few things.
  • Tomatoes are healthy – Dawn Zimmer makes primetime TV with the peculiar story about tomato plants growing in odd areas.
  • Local rag – Analyzed the weekly fish wrap.

Town Government:

  • Long Meetings – See what the city is discussing at the bi-weekly council meeting.
  • Delivered Vagrant – Political posturing ensues as Mayor Roberts points fingers at the local Police Dept. for our Homeless issues.
  • Take it lightly – For some reason, a much needed traffic signal remains in the dark.

Community Events & Local Sports:

  • Home Run!: – The MLB playoffs are in full swing. Catch up with the American and National league match ups. Yankees have to win three straight!
  • Juicy – Local Juice Bar holds a fun contest/fund raiser with great prizes!

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:

  • Light with the dooming this week.


Reader Mail Bag:

  • Get outta here! – Kids get chased away from a public park at Maxwell Place.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

  • Fun with Photos – One pic says a lot about Hoboken.
  • Competition – I point some notable things out about other websites in town.
  • Radiohead – One of my favorite bands is revolutionizing the way music is acquired these days.

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Look up, then run – More heavy stuff falls and damages vehicles parked around the W Hotel.

Recent Town Incidents:

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