Phenomenal Hoboken Flooding Pics

Hurricane Sandy start to finish in Hoboken, NJ

Brian Dieck was one of the thousands of Hoboken residents stuck during and after Hurricane Sandy ravaged our city.

And like practically everyone else – he took pictures too. But there’s one difference – he’s a seriously incredible professional photographer and video editor. He took many shots in the area of 2nd and Willow Ave. during the storm – and countless others as people began to escape from their apartments.

While we all wish we’d never have to see these photos – Brian did a phenomenal job capturing the event. See chronologically what life looked like here in Hoboken through Brian’s lenses.

Visit his website at

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012 12:55 pm

Does anybody know what corrupt Hoboken politican you need to pay off or blow to have your garbage picked up?? I’m ready to do either. Our street is YES one of the last to have garbage picked up. Send some trucks around Dawn you kooook!

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