Park & Sixth Convenience Store

Oddities at convenience store at Park & Sixth

Something going on at the convenience store that replaced Park & Sixth late last year. Seems like they are on the brink of, or passed the point of doom-nation.

Recently the place appeared abandoned, and water was leaking from the building due to melting product, etc. Then they re-opening for a bit, and have been pretty much closed since.

The place lacked soul anyway. Maybe someone with good business acumen could pick up the slack?

Park sixth deli pizza bodega doomed Hoboken NJ - Park & Sixth Convenience Store

Park & Sixth reopens in Hoboken, NJ as pizza bodega

11/5/2012 Update:

Well – ever since the much-celebrated Park & Sixth deli closed down a while ago, only to be replaced by short-lived Cuban Deli Calle 6, area residents have be waiting patiently for something sustainable to open up.

A couple days ago – new owners opened up a convenience store, bodega, pizza parlor mashup (they’re keeping the name Park & Sixth).

One thing that may help these guys (regardless of the quality of their pizza), is that they have good hours: 6am to 11pm – with the intention to eventually be open 24 hours. That was one of the main complaints about the previous businesses. I tried a cup of their Law Coffee today, which is a slight step up from diner coffee – which is considered a plus these days. Good luck Park & Sixth v2.0!

Description: Convenience Store, coffee, newspapers, grocery, pizza
Address: 539 Park Avenue, Hoboken, NJ 07030

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Hoboken Teach
Hoboken Teach
Monday, August 5, 2013 6:05 pm

They seemed to be doing fine during the school year (with 2 schools within a block). Many teachers and students would frequent it for lunch, snacks, after school, etc…
During the summer though, I can’t imagine there’s enough of a crowd to do much business. They were nice, hopefully they’ll stay in business.

Monday, November 5, 2012 3:31 pm

My car was totaled by Sandy, but I have a full tank of gas. I will give the gas free to the first few people who contact me but you must be able to siphon it out. The gas should be good and untouched by water due to the secure fuel tank. Please call: 201-602-5303 to make arrangements. Must be removed by Friday, November 9.

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