Dawn Zimmer on FOX 5 news


4th Ward Council candidate Dawn Zimmer was on FOX 5 news tonight, talking about some of the residual effects of the flooding in the SW part of Hoboken.

Many news outlets had focused on these rogue tomato plants as being “undigested seeds” from raw sewage that backed up during the various floods this year.

In speaking with Dawn, she understands that seeds from fecal matter are only one possibility. The scientist in me mentioned to her that these seeds could have also easily come from regular garbage refuse, such as unfinished hero sandwiches, or even the sauce that Grimaldi’s Pizza washes off their dishes and cookware. I personally cannot believe the media attention that this “raw sewage” possibility has received. No one has done any tests per se, so the origin of these seeds is presently unknown.

Since this has become a story, these plants have been cut down, and the area has been cleared up a bit. Regardless, it’s still very interesting to see what can grow in Hoboken!

FYI, those tomatoes would have been safe to eat regardless of the source of the seeds! If it were lettuce, I’d be a little worried.

Here’s the link to the FOX 5 web page with the complete story.

zimmer fox 5 news - Dawn Zimmer on FOX 5 news

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007 8:40 am

[quote comment=”47439″][quote comment=”46978″]#71: You must mean SMALL TOMATOES…not potatoes.[/quote]There is war and people getting bombed and blown into pieces on their way to church in this world. To think people care about some stupid wild tomatoes is mind blowing!!![/quote]
That’s the world’s tiredest call to in-action. To find something more ‘significant’, use it to characterize the current subject matter as trivial and even wrong-headed, and then resume watching television or whatever else it is.

‘Think globally, act locally’ is still the best idea out there. It’s sort of like what Churchill said about democracy being the 2nd worst form of government.

Monday, October 8, 2007 9:54 pm

[quote comment=”46978″]#71: You must mean SMALL TOMATOES…not potatoes.[/quote]

I understand the “Tomatoes” thing now… goes to show how much this stupid shit really matters to me.

There is war and people getting bombed and blown into pieces on their way to church in this world. To think people care about some stupid wild tomatoes is mind blowing!!!

I used to like her but now I think she is coming up with anything for some exposure. Totally pathetic in my mind and even more not newsworthy than before.

Monday, October 8, 2007 8:08 am

I would point out that Christopher Campos, his campaign manager Peter Cammarano, his campaign treasuer Terri LaBruno, Maurice Fitzgibbons and most of his supporters had been memebers and benifited from HCDO for many years.

Lots of bad stuff is going on in DFHC.

Red Haven
Red Haven
Monday, October 8, 2007 1:09 am

HHoney, I appreciate the effort you put into post #94. Lots of bad stuff going on in the DFHC, but that’s because just about everyone there learned it during their time in the HCDO. Anyone who wants to learn more about the crooked history of the HCDO should go here: hudsonreporter.com/site/index.cfm?n...=461&dept_id=523584&rfi=8 or just pick up the papers and read about the recent arrests of the HCDO Mayors of Guttenberg and Jersey City, and the ongoing investigations in the HCDO stronghold of North Bergen which seem to yield indictments every couple of years. Isn’t all that enough to convince truly independent people not to take money and campaign assistance from this machine? Can somebody even explain why anyone who claims to be an independent reformer would want to be associated with this crew? There is no use comparing the HCDO and DFHC to look for which one is cleaner. People in Hoboken should concentrate on cleaning up waste, fraud, and abuse in Hoboken without getting caught up in county politics. To follow up on Krew’s correction and for the sake of accuracy, some notes: [quote comment=”47198″] Carmelo Garcia: Then there are the numerous reports that he was the primary organizer of the well documented and well publicized voter fraud in the 4th, 5th and 6th wards on June 12th, 2007.[/quote] I’m no Carmelo fan, but unless you have proof for that direct charge or can directly cite these “reports” I suggest you take this opportunity to take it back. It goes… Read more »

Sunday, October 7, 2007 12:44 pm

[quote comment=”47248″]HHoney, you have a lot of inside information, and after reading your post, I would not characterize anything I’ve written as “high and mighty” by comparison. I do not bash people I don’t know, and can say I do not really know the people you mention from outside of Hoboken very well, if at all. Nicholas who? Never heard of him and honestly I don’t care. I care about electing good people to local office in Hoboken. I think Zimmer is one of those people. I found Red Haven’s post interesting because it was insightful and because I love conspiracy theories. Your post was just as opinionated but I don’t need Russo’s prisoner ID number to know he was caught with his hand in the cookie jar, as many others have. By the way, your info on Michele Russo is incorrect, she was not removed from the Board of Education for her ethics violation. She was censured, and subsequently lost re-election to a candidate backed by Roberts. She also lost re-election as the chair of the Hoboken Democratic party. Roberts/Kenny became the chair as the “reformers.” I pay attention to Hoboken issues because they affect me. The petty political games these boys play at the party level are not something I want to waste time with. I have noticed that after all the drama, they all kiss and make up, usually just before a major election so they all look their best with the National Democratic party.[/quote] Krewedetat, The… Read more »

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