Heal Hoboken

Heal Hoboken Charity started by NJ Tech Meetup

Those looking to donate to the Heal Hoboken Charity – and get a warm hoodie or sweet t-shirt, read on!

NJ Tech Meetup starts Heal Hoboken to raise money

New Jersey and the country have come together in amazing ways during Hurricane Sandy. The few in Hoboken who had power during the storm set up power strips out of their windows, put out free coffee for all, and salvaged trick or treating to give our children (including mine) a Halloween they could always remember for how it brought out the best in people, instead of the worst in a storm.

Today, we need your help. A bunch of us from the NJ Tech Meetup – which gathers monthly in Hoboken to feature startups and speakers – have teamed together to help Heal Hoboken. To make that happen we need you.

Jack designed this awesome site and the clothing, Danny lent his technical wizardry to make it work, Adam gave us a name and shared with us his touching photos. Scott offered Positive Internet’s services to host this site. And now we need you.

With your help, let’s raise over $100,000 to help Heal Hoboken.

Let’s rebuild the Hoboken Boys & Girls Club. Let’s rebuild the schools that are closed indefinitely for our children. Let’s help our neighbors get back on their feet.

Buy a tshirt or a hoodie and wear it with pride. You’ll be representing a town that doesn’t give up, that doesn’t let each other down, and whose perseverance no storm can sink.

And if you’re feeling really generous, we’ll include a couple of nights to visit us at the W Hotel Hoboken.

All proceeds to go to the Hoboken Relief Fund (once it’s verified, otherwise to the American Red Cross).

Aaron Price
Proud Hoboken Resident
founder, NJ Tech Meetup @NJTech

See more here: http://www.healhoboken.org/

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