Watch where you surf!


While has turned out to be an insanely popular website for “all things Hoboken” (thank you everyone for reading!), it certainly isn’t the first, and won’t be the last site that has Hoboken as it’s primary focus. There will always be alternative sites, blogs and forums that might serve as an occasional resource for residents. I can only be Clark Kent about 19-20 hours a day.

However, there are some things you might want to know about a few of those “other” sites out there.

Without naming names, here is what you might want to be aware of in general:

No Negative Comments

komments-deleted.jpgThis is something that I never noticed about another Hudson County directory/chat board out there. Apparently they have a very strict commenting policy that forbids anything negative to be published about a business / real estate development on there. While it strongly focuses on the RE Market, a bunch of people have become fed up with their stringent moderation policy. (As a side note, 411 has removed comments, and even banned users. A few for stupid or racist comments, and others because they’ve flat out wasted my time). How can anything be considered constructive, if they don’t allow some criticism?

Here’s the buzz about that other board:

  • “I had the worst hair experience at a salon and sent my review to them. Of course, they did not post it. In addition, I had my husband post the same review to see if he got the same results. And he wrote an email to the admin but did not get an email back.

    I would not trust the site.

  • “Yes, it is totally rigged. Apparently, none of the negative reviews are posted. It used to not be this way (I remember looking for apartment complexes and reading bad reveiws), but I would say within the last year or so, the bad reviews have been expunged.”
  • “I wrote once a bad, but polite review about a taxi company who tried to betray us and showed really unprofessional behavior. It was never posted although I entered all my contact information. I tried to contact them twice afterwards and never got a response.”

Goliath is not an “insider”

We have one corporate monolith out there with gobs of resources, and expending a ton of energy trying to be 411 (after misrepresenting themselves to me earlier in the year). They probably have the strength to do a pretty good job with the huge supporting staff. I’m jealous. I wish I could take a day off more often!

However, do they deserve to call themselves “insiders”, if they live in Jersey City, and NOT Hoboken for over a decade like 411? How can you trust that?

Newbie will try to track your surf habits

we-live-to-watch-you.jpgThere’s another site you’ll be seeing soon enough. Very ambitious effort with an expensive out-sourced front-end. Nice to have made a killing in the Real Estate market.

But be very careful. They’re trying to embed a browser within their site. I’m betting they can track your surfing habits, and even steal your passwords. I would NEVER surf the web within another website. There’s plenty of other things wrong with that site, but I’m sure you’ll figure that out when the time comes. Just keep your eyes open!

Dealing with competition is tough (although it can be healthy), especially when you’re essentially a one-man operation like me. But as you can tell, I put blood, sweat and tears (literally) into this site. And I will keep going strong (and hopefully grow/expand in the process) as long as I possibly can.

As always, I thank the tens of thousands of readers that use Hoboken411, and the myriad of supporters that continue to make this the place to go in Hoboken.

Have a great weekend!

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