Kids filming political video

These three kids were seen in Elysian Park making some kind of video with Hillary Clinton signs posted all over the trees.

Someone called to complain (not sure if it was a Maxwell Place resident or not), but a Hoboken Parks employee came storming in telling them that they cannot do that.

The kids indicated they were going to take them down when they were finished.


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strand tramp
strand tramp

some stupid bitch stapled signs to the trees in front of my home to advertise her open house. i called her to complain and she hung up on me. look folks, i have said it many times but you just ain’t gettin’ it are you?
do not put up signs on trees. do not put up signs on posts. if you want to sell your garbage or your house or your services put it in a web site or take out an ad in a newspaper. every single sign i see taped up or stapled to a post or tree i TEAR IT DOWN. i tear them down in the morning. i tear them down at night. i tear them down in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright. i tear them down for fun. i tear them down to cause you pain. i tear them down on sunny days, and i tear them down in the rain!
but i might just come to your open house…and then make an offer…and then walk away before the closing…just to fuck with you because i can. so stop with the posters and signs.

Red Haven
Red Haven

That guy should be arrested and charged with vandalizing public property for stapling into those trees. Now that this is posted on YouTube perhaps he can be prosecuted like the two men who blew up a Long Island water fountain and posted the video on MySpace. Somebody should staple a sign to this guy’s forehead. 👿

This has nothing to do with unauthorized filming, and I couldn’t care less about the guy’s politics. It’s vandalism.


I like it…but I cringe when I see him shoot the staple into the tree.


Since when are people in their mid thirties kids? Isn’t that the median age of Hoboken?


The guy in the video is no kid. They should have used hand held signs to get their message across, political or other signs on pubic property are against the law.