Potential Nor’Easter?

Weather models hint at stormy weather next week in Hoboken

Still many days away – but some weather computer models are suggesting the possibility of some stormy weather that may affect our area. Some models indicate “no big deal,” and others – if accurate, could mean another disrupting weather event with rain, wind, flooding (and even snow!)

Stay tuned, and cross your fingers.

Potential noreaster for Northeast November 7 2012 - Potential Nor'Easter?

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As a resident of Monroe St I am curious on the situation with the ‘pump’ with this upcoming storm since this area can’t handle anymore water this week after Sandy. Will it be up and functioning for the expected rain??? Also, has Zimmer done anything with the Sewerage Authority in regards to going around to the drains and cleaning them out? I did not see that prior to Sandy- for example getting the grates up and removing the leaves etc. Now with all of the debris that was floating through the the streets which most likely now in those drains is anything being done to clean out before the Nor’Easter hits us?? Valid questions I think the residents of this town deserve to know since we have suffered so much.

joey maxim
joey maxim

Wondering..was it economical two add a few more fd and pd -not speicals to work the
city ,than have omi on overtime? with the impending noreaster on the way,im not in
charge but truman once said the buck stops here! btw isn’t hudson and bergen part of
new jersey..Hello governor…screw the ferris wheel..people are suffering in Hoboken as
well as other parts of bergen county.. don’t hear tax payers complaining now when just
a cup of coffee and a hot dinner is priority..scarey.